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Sorry I've been MIA!

Hi Everyone -

I am sorry I have been away for so long! Lots going on in my life - all good things - and just busy in general!

March 15 was Bilbo's birthday - Happy Birthday Bilbo! We have been living happily together for 1 year and life is better than ever! I am thankful everyday for my stoma. Knock wood, I haven't had a leak in 11 months, and no issues whatsoever, other than fighting the occasional dehydration and iron/vit B deficiencies.

Currently trying to lose the 20 pounds I have packed on since last March! Busy running Harrison around to different activities, doing some volunteer work at our local performing arts center, supervising renovation/design of our new office building, moving Levi's granmda to assisted living, helping my sis cope with a divorce and breast cancer, less time on my laptop and more time on my new iphone - all things that have kept me away from the forum.

But I think of you all often and hope you are doing well. I will pop in from time to time to say hello and see how you are all doing!

Lotsa love and hugs - xo xo xo - Ames
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Hiya Gorgeous!!! Miss your wit and wisdom me luv!!! As long as you are having fun in between all the other bits!
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Hey, good to see you Amy, and all the good stuff going on in your life!
Stay well and cya soon!


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So glad you are doing so well and enjoying life. Good to hear a success story!
Long may it last!
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Good to hear from you! Hope your sister is ok though!!

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What a fabulous update Amy! I am so happy for you that things are going so well! May it keep on keeping on...

I am so sorry to hear about your sister though, that's gotta be tough.

Onwards and Upwards!
Dusty. xxxxxxxx
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Ditto on the sister thing, but yes, so happy to hear things are going so well for you!

Hmmm divorce and breast cancer - it is probably only me that has a warped take on things, but it just occured to me.... maybe 2012 is going to be a good year for your sister for getting rid of unwanted annoyances in her life???? (ie both husbands and boobs CAN be annoying and even down-right miserable at times....)

I am sorry - maybe that is just a bad joke... - either way i really do wish yyou and all of your family the very best.....
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Hi Amy.
So glad to hear all things going well with you. Happy birthday to Bilbo!
Sorry to hear about your sister and fingers crossed for a positive outcome for her.
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11 months without a leak (red with envy, as I am sitting here, getting ready to change ...out of order)

Otherwise, really glad to hear from you even though not all the news is good within your life. Wishing the best outcome for your sister and may the good days for you and Bilbo continue.

Hugs ..

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Hi all - Thanks for the words of support for my sis. She has a GREAT prognosis - tamoxofin (sp?) only and no chemo or radiation needed! She's getting new boobs, a cup size bigger, and is getting rid of her albatross of a husband. So Silver, yes, you are right, it will be a great year for her!!

Heike - once I switched to convex bags, voile! They are great. I can go six days until I need to change it!!!

Happy Spring to everyone - it's gorgeous here and Spring has arrived early!!

xo xo - Ames
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Woohoo for your sister and all involved! I just lost a friend to breast cancer so it is just phantastic that your sister is doing good and only needs minimal treatment.

Ha, I use convex wafers too ... still every once in a while I have a leak. Not really sure what causes it .. then again, could be a thousand reasons.
So, here's to you and whatever prevents leaks. nothing worse than public humiliation with sh**** running down you leg ...

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