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Stephy Chelle
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I'm in a lot of pain!!!

I don't know if I can do this kind of work anymore! Working for the city is great when I feel well but mowing and weed eating just kicks my ass when I'm in a flare up! My entire body hurts! Just walking takes a lot out of me. When I'm not working I'm at home sleeping. I haven't done any house work in weeks. My husband picks up my slack and I'm grateful to him but feel so guilty. I just wanna feel better!!!
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It is very demoralizing to go from being a productive person to someone who is in so much pain they can't get off the couch. BTDT.

Is there anyway you could modified duties right now while you are awaiting diagnosis? Do you have sick benefits and maybe could take some medical leave?

Don't sweat about the housework - it will wait or if you can afford it get some help in once a month or so to help keep up and keep everyone's stress down. It is hard a women to feel ok about taking time to look after our own health. It is frustrating waiting to get a diagnosis and then waiting some more to find the right medicine to treat it.

Hugs and hope you have a better day soon!

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