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Feeling Down

I suppose everything that has happened in the last few weeks are catching up with me. I have just noticed how often I cry when I am on my own. How at the end of the day when I can't keep it in the back of my mind any more I worry about my near future.
I can also honestly say that when I am with my friends and carrying on with things I forget about everything, and I do feel happy. Earlier on today I was laughing and it was a lovely sunny day and I felt happy. And now I am sat in my room on my own waiting for the evening to pass and I can't stop crying.
I know we never know what is going to happen in the future. But knowing that things aren't right, the more I find out and learn and the more I understand the more worried I am.
I just noticed a mouth ulcer and suddenly started feeling anxious, thinking about active disease and getting unwell again...
I have never been on anti depressants or anti anxiety before so I don't know if what im feeling is either of them, is it possible to have both?
Should I talk to my GP about this? I have never liked the idea about talking to them about something like this, how do you begin the conversation?
I am even wondering if I should request an earlier appointment with the new GI I am being referred to, as I said I wanted to wait until June when uni is over, but maybe I need a better idea of my likely treatment plan so I don't keep worrying and wondering about it?
Would appreciate anyone's input
Thank you
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Aww! its perfectly normal for you to feel like this because you've gone through a lot! Just think though, the warm weather is coming, you're school is almost done, etc. Good things! We all have our bad days and were allowed with what we have to deal with but just hang in there and things will get better . Try not to stress about your abscess/fistula, maybe its just going through a little bout of something. PM me if you need anything!
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I think in a week or two when your abcess is feeling a lot better you will too , this is a horrible disease there is no doubt but we have to make the best don't jump to far ahead of yourself you will deal with the tail end no problem don't forget it's still early days from it was drained, I've had a few drained in the past and it took me a month or more to feel more comfortable. If I can answer anything else just shout. Ryan.

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