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Getting a massage

I had my first massage since my colon was cut out this past weekend (it was pure awesome!).
The only thing was I was the first ostomate that my massage therapist had ever encountered and neither of us were sure if I could lay on my belly ( I never thought to ask my nurse if I could). I ended up rolled over on my left side with pillows for support and I was able to expose most of my back (which was what I needed the most attention on).
Overall it was a great experience. She even wanted to meet Berry and gave me a free treatment next month!
I'm wondering what everybody else does for massages and other such treatments. If there are any tricks that I should know for when I start a practice how I should position my patients. What makes you most comfortable?
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I have never had surgery, but I do use monthly massage as part of my health program. I consider it avoiding a doc by increasing blood circulation, redcuing inflammation and easing pain.
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I am an ostomate (have been for 13 years) and have an hour-long massage weekly. Most of us have a time of day when our stomas are less active - mine is mid-morning and so I make my appointments for about 10.30-11am. I explained to my masseur why I needed that appointment time and she is happy to accomodate me.I have no trouble lying on my stomach for the time necessary, usually about 30-45 minutes. The benefits certainly outweigh any small discomfort.
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I don't have a problem lying on my stomach either. I figure as long as your masseur knows about your ostomy you can always ask them to stop if you need to adjust your position.

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This is where the pain of my op was actually an advantage. I was so distracted with laying comfortably, that during my first few nights of recovery, my stoma and bag effectively didn't exist to me and I laid on it. Been laying on it ever since!

Also I did read the hint somewhere that you can use a child's swimming armband around the stoma and lay on it that way to make it more comfortable. If that makes sense.

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The neck support pillows people use on planes ( u shaped) are great as it can fit around the stoma. I use this when I go to osteo or chiro if I need it.

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