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Ileostomy, Crohns, Husband

I want to vent about something that is making me really sad.
i had an ileostomy done and was in hospital for 1 month. But that i can handle. What is making me sad is that while i was in hospital my husband left me. When I got out i had no support apart from my mum- who I am very lucky to have.
In the hospital one night about midnight, I was in serve pain from the crohns cramps and had to be taken down to get an emergency abdominal xray. The hospital staff asked if I would like a member of my family to be rung to come to sit with me bc I was in really bad pain (despite the strong pain killers they chucking my way). I replied that I would like my mother to come. But it turned out that my mother couldn't come because she was babysitting my children for my husband who was at a major sports event living it up in a Corporate Box.
He also booked an overseas holiday for himself while I was in hospital without first consulting with my mother if she could look after our kids (as I couldn't do it being in hospital). He said he thought I would have been out by then. Even if I was (which I came home part way thru when he was away) I wasn't well enough to single handedly look after them properly. Thank goodness I had my mother around. I don't know how I would have coped without her!
He was living it up having a great time on holiday in a swish Hotel over the other side of the world; while I was in pain and getting the kids ready for school, picking them up, taking them to their various activties, cooking dinner....the list goes on.
By the way he says my stoma grosses him out and puts him off his food. Which makes me feel just great!
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What an insensitive callous bastard you are well rid of him you deserve much better.
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He sounds like a child who never grew up, you are better off without someone so selfish in your life.

Things will get better, I promise. Take care of yourself first, for you and your kids.

There are wonderful people out there & you deserve better. Keep your chin up!!

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