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Hi all,
I am new to all this and I am trying to implement diet changes STAT. I am lactose intolerant, so before my Crohn's Dx I was buying lactose free ice cream and milk. Now, I am trying to go non-dairy, not just non-lactose. I have found I am now eating a lot of soy (soy milk on cereal, soy ice cream, soy yogurt). Anyone know if soy is safe for Crohn's or does it cause flare ups? I sure hope not or I am totally at a loss for what to eat from here. Thanks!
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I've also recently gone non-dairy, and I've been switching it up a bit so that I'm not eating all soy products -- mostly because there are so many other delicious things out there! I haven't found much about soy and Crohn's, but I do know that soy contains isoflavones which mimic estrogen in the body. There was some evidence that women who are at high risk for breast cancer should avoid soy, but according to wikipedia the evidence is now mixed.

If you want to switch it up, so far I've discovered almond milk (the Trader Joe's vanilla unsweetened that's in the dairy case is delicious!) and also yogurt and ice cream made from coconut milk.

I hope Boston is treating you well! I grew up in the burbs and miss it quite a bit
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I'm not a fan of soy since the vast majority is GMO and chock full of all kinds of systemic pesticides and other poisons. Organic soy? If you don't correlate any issues, then MAYBE. The only study I could find did showcase that antigens to soy have been found in people with Crohn's Disease and other forms of colitis so take that as you will.
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Not sure of your age, but it is suggested that you reduce soy as you get older. You may want to try almond milk, rice milk...switching alternatives to ease off soy.
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I switched from soy to rice when I noticed I was feeling yucky(medical term that)this was before my Crohns diagnoses . My daughter had all sorts of abdomin/female issues that went away when she quit soy of any kind. There is brown rice milk, white rice milk, high sugar, low or no sugar, almond milk, hemp milk. All have their own particular taste, so try a few. Brown rice and hemp have the most protein. The almond comes in chocolate too. The rice milk I get in original for cooking and vanilla for drinking.
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Soy is one of the top 8 food allergens in the USA. I once read a research article about soy interfering with the proper development of intestinal cells in rat guts. I can't find it now but it was enough to steer me away from soy.

Soy intolerance is not uncommon among celiacs too. I have celiac and I can't eat soy without having symptoms. If you do a little searching on soy and intolerance or allergy or on intestine you will find hundreds of links talking about the negative effects of soy on the digestive tract.

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Thanks everyone! I am going to Whole Foods and Trader Joes tomorrow and I am going to go the almond milk/coconut route instead. There is so much out there with soy in it, it is going to be tricky but I think there are a lot of other good options.
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I use almond milk without problems. Cocnout milk and I do not get along.

I stay away from soy as I have hypothyroidism and soy will interefere with thyroid function.
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kllyeve, good to know as they are looking at thyroid issues with me as well.
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i would only eat fermented organic soy products (Tamari, Miso, Tempeh)
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I was recently told coconut milk on a daily basis will also help digestion. Worth trying!
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Soy milk I heard in moderation is ok. After some research though I found that eating too much soy can lead to elevated levels of estrogen with irreversible affects. Once I read that I haven't touched it since. I drink coconut milk now and haven't had any problems so far.
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I find soy very irritating to my tummy, plus some women with Crohn's are at a much higher risk for fibroids and early hysterectomy (I was 32). My surgeon recommended that women in 20's-30's with Crohn's should avoid soy.

I've had really good sucess with Almond Mild and Coconut milk, my tummy likes the unsweetened versions best. Hope this helps!


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I always thought it was just me! I didn't know that soy allergies went along with Crohn's. I have a huge soy intolerance and have been using rice, almond and coconut like for a long time now.
I've also heard that soy can build up in your system. Don't know how true that is.

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