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Every Joint Hurts

Hi Everyone,

Im very frustrated at the moment.
I have been having sever joint pain to the stage where i have trouble getting out of bed in the morning in almost all of my major joints, my gp has done blood tests for Arthirtis and also x-rays of my Knees, hips, lower back & sholders & all has come back clear, i have been taking Anti Inflamotories which do not help, the only relife i get is when i take Panadine Fort, after i have been out of bed for a while my joints arn't so bad but then it comes round to late afternoon and they start to really hurt again to the point that i can hardly walk, the pain is like a hot burning throbbing feeling .
What do you think as i said all my tests came back clear, so i have no idea whats going on in my body.
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yes, i have this issue also, have done for years and years. i got railings to assist with getting out of bed. but then its moving around to try and get showered, dried, dressed and then downstairs. all this takes time. if you can get in a hot bath with epsom salts this can sometimes speed up the loosening up process. although nowadays, as i get older, you know, menopause, my joints are often red, swollen and hot. i can't turn over in bed at the moment without waking up cos of the pain in my arthritic neck. the pain can literally make me throw up. its hard, but the doc just offers tramadol.
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there is something called reactive arthritis that is arthritis that occurs with stomach problems. talk to a rhematoligst they might be able to help more.

I'm a fan of PT and tramadol. (warning the type of arthritis we get can mean PT may take a while)
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