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What are you feeding your kids for low residue diet?

S is on a low residue diet and I am really struggling with what to feed him. He's mostly eating baked chicken and rice. I worry about feeding him too much bread. Any ideas for me?

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I love mashed potatoes with butter and milk on a low res diet!
and scrambled eggs too!

here's some more info



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My son did well with peanut butter (smooth) sandwiches on white bread, scrambled eggs, yogurt, pancakes, french toast (really with lots of egg), and applesauce.
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Also taking: TuZen probiotic and following a low FODMAP diet (not very strictly).

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My son also on low residue diet, and it is a struggle! He eats pasta, which bread, rice, cold chicken slice, mince and meatballs he can digest well, however cant eat roast chicken for some reason makes him sick! Slow cooked chicken, small pieces he can manage and fish, fish fingers he can also manage, yogurts also. It is hard trying to come up with new things, especially when then find things that dont make them sick, reluctant to try anything new in case he has a reaction!

Good luck x
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When Stephen reintroduced foods, at the beginning I made him broth with both rice and small bits of boiled potato (sometimes small pieces of chicken), also quesadillas - two white tortillas with a bit of low fat cheese (Laughing Cow low fat cream cheese) and shredded chicken between the tortillas and then grilled. And he dipped it in strained salsa (pretty much tomato juice )
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