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Just got Kota home from the Cardiologist

I am not sure if I am posting in the right spot or not. I have only posted one other thread and it got moved lol

We went to see cardio today because Ko usually has low heart rate but the last few weeks (since starting on meds for Chrons) his heart rate has been really high. It will go to 160 just him walking to the bathroom.

He had a Echocardiagram done. We found out he has Patent Foramen Ovale/ Small Atrial Septal Defect. We were told it really wasnt anything to worry about. And that it didnt need to be checked again for 3 to 4 years. They put him on a 24 hour holter monitor to watch him. Not sure whats really causing th ehigh heart rate other than maybe the meds.

The doctor today did say he could take his headache medicine that the meds were not causing the heart rate to go up. To also start his inhalers back. GI doctor stopped all his medicine a couple of weeks ago or all that he didnt put him on. Blamed all the other medicine for the high heart rate nothing that he may have put him on would have caused it. Uh yes it can. So I am glad to start those back. But we are still not sure why the high heart rate.

After we got home Cardio called me and said they were going to order lab work and we could just have it done all at the same time Monday when he has weekly labs done. They are checking his thyroid. Said this could cause high heart rate.

I have been researching a few new GI and also looking at other childrens hospitals because I am just not happy with his GI.

Kota is such a blessing and the things he says always puts smiles on my face. Today while we were at doctor. The doctor says Ko will not have to have the defect checked for 3 -4 years. So when the doctor leaves the room. Ko says mom if we move before 3-4 years (because we have been wanting to move to another state) will we fly back here to see the doctor? I said no son we will have a doctor where we move to. I then said or by then you will be driving and you can drive yourself to the doctor (I was playing). Kota looked at me real weird and said well even if I am driving and grown I still want my Momma to go to the doctor with me God I love this kids..

Hope everyone is having a great day.

Thanks for listening to my update on Kota and bit of a rant
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Kota sounds like a great kid!! Funny how they always seem to make you smile over the smallest little things

I would definitely seek out a new doctor if you are not happy with the current one. You really need one that you can trust with this disease.
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Dang I did post this in the wrong spot.I am so sorry. I dontthink I will ever get this right. I meant to post it in Parents of kids with IBD.

Thanks Manzyb he is such a sweetie. Your Little Sadie is so cute. Kota just walked into my office and seen her picture and said Mom who is she she is so adoreable

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