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Stupid resident!

Soo I finally got Rowan to drink Nutren Jr... Yay

I go to the pharmacy to fill the script. They cannot get it to go through. They have to contact the resident whom wrote the script 3 weeks ago. She has the nerve to say "she should have been drinking these for 3 weeks now. What was she waiting for? Call her GI.". My pharmacist was shocked and called me right away telling me it would take longer bc now she needs a new script and pre approval from Medicare. I paid cash and am being reimbursed, but 3 weeks ago I had extra given to me from the hospital and if I couldn't get her to drink them I would be wasting $70 for 24 cans I would have been stuck with. It was sooo much work getting her to drink these things.

Like I haven't been trying to get these drinks in. Rowan kept throwing them up. Don't want that. It just pisses me of that they think I am a sucky mom bc I cannot do that. Sorry but I am going stir crazy trying to help her. Sorry they have spent 5 minutes with her once a day for 9 days. Try pushing your kids colon back into her body 8 times a day. Try pushing protein on a kid that doesn't like it. Try telling a kid it is not her fault she has prolapse ( which it is not) as you are begging her not to push when having a bm. Then she apologizes for the prolapse. Try living in my shoes. How unprofessional to give her opinion of me to complete strangers to her but to a people that I see all the time. I am so irritated.

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Stupid doctors.

If they don't have IBD, they just don't GET IT. I don't care how many textbooks you read, scopes you perform & test results you view. If they don't know what it feels like, then they can't judge.

Bless her heart. It nearly made me cry that she apologizes for having to go to the bathroom. Brave little girl, brave mom too.

You are a wonderful mom & Rowan is lucky to have you. It is hard enough having children, but children with chronic illnesses need so much more attention. Good luck to you both.

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What a jerk!

I am angry for you. They wanted Johnny to take 6 packets of this horrible protein crap too. All it was doing was making him not want to eat ANYTHING because he could taste that horrible beneprotein powder. And 6 packets a day! Every meal had to be tainted with that stuff. I finally told him he didn't have to do it. We found other ways to add protein with foods he likes and over the counter fruit protein drinks.

I think that stuff can do more harm that good. These kids are battling a mental association between pain and eating and often eating becomes something they just don't want to do. Not an option if you are loosing weight. So we just do the best we can. The Dr. was way out of line. I am sorry you had to deal with that, but you are doing a great job!!!!

Hang in there!

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