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He says he cares but thats bull*%$#

Ok, my husband was caring when I spent 8 days in the hospital last month. Well, 4 weeks later I must be fine right? Ok, my husband wants alot things from me- work and bring $$$ in the house- the yard- the HS junior. (yes my son should learn to drive ask the hubby about that one). Heres the deal Crohns or not when you schedule to work weekends you HAVE TO CHECK with your family (wife is a good place to start)!That was our agreement whaen I took this job! I cant do it all- or I would have started out as a single parent. As it turns out the wife (me) has Crohns-I am in the middle of a flare up- and instead of having help this week end- I am doing baseball by myself- getting to work and because my sons ride etc (my husband- his father) is working at the last minute he tells me to call and find Steven a ride home and call work tell them I will be late.

I went back to work the day after I got out of the hospital- do the best I can on the home front- I am the taxi at least 4 nights a week for my sons baseball. Sometimes it would just be nice if he said- Hey, I gotta check and see what my weekend schedule looks like before I can comit to that. That was our agrement when I took a job in retail- pretty flexible hours as long as I know a few days before hand that my husband will be a no-show for the weekend.

And I know thats not possible but, I woke up sick this morning- and I just dont see how to make it through the day until I can fall back in bed after I get off work at 10 tonight!

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Husbands are sometimes oblivious whether we are sick or not !! It doesn't help to have an invisible disease.

Something has to give - try explaining to him that if you don't co-ordinate things better you will just get sicker to the point you will be bedridden and he will then be on his own.

Of course, you could just go "on strike" for a liitle while to show him what he would be facing.
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perhaps see if your son can get a ride from another player? or, if within a mile, can he walk there himself? it is good for him to pitch in and understand that sometimes an illness wlil side track you. Hugs
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Thanks for the ideas. We live pretty far from school and I do have to remember- what I consider help is much different than what my husband does!

We will muddle through this- I think maybe the Entocort is getting to me?
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I love you God.
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He's a guy.. Hehe can't expect too much just an over grown child... I know how you feel though
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for what its worth I am so sorry to read what you are going through. our disease is a horrid evil disease, you have to know to all guys are not like this, I know I am a guy with chrons. unfourtanately there are people out there that just dont care and are selfish. My wife left me because of chrons disease. she told me "she isnt a nurse and didnt wamt to live like this". I pray all will be well. big hugs;

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