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Mr. Kush
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Any other option?!

I'm 17 about to be 18 in 2 months. I was diagnosed with crohns back in 2010 with suggestive celiac. sucks to suck, but i'm not going to let it `hold me down. I just had my second colonoscopy, and my doctor says i now have inflammation in an area that's NOT being treated by the pentasa i'm on. the doc couldn't get his scope through part of the small intense due to it being swollen or something. he put me on prednisone to reduce the inflammation. I also just started my celiac diet so i'm not sure if that cause some of the inflammation as well. It's been a few weeks that i've been gluten free, about 6, but he wants to put me on MTX, and i'm not sure about that. are there any drugs that treat areas that pentasa doesn't? I'm going to be going to college, and i know you can't drink with MTX so that's going to be a problem. any ideas/suggestions? thanks
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Mr. Kush
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just realized i posted in the wrong thread. :/
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I am currently on methotrexate and do occasionally have a couple of drinks but not to often and I haven't had a problem of course it is different for everyone. Have you tried any other drugs apart from Pentasa? If not then if you aren't happy about biding on methotrexate mention it to your doctor and he may be able to recommend another drug. Methotrexate has been the best treatment so far for me out of everything else I have tried including humira and remicade I was scared of the drug at first but it's not to bad. Hope you find something that works x
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The two other drugs that would be considered on the same level treatment wise would be Azathioprine (Imuran) and 6MP. They are also immunosuppressives but they do not have the alcohol restrictions that Methotrexate does.

Have these been mentioned to you by the doctor?

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I recently started MTX for the third time. No one mentioned the fact that drinking should be minimized while taking it and during my second go of it I drank like a fish.. Obviously not something I'd recommend, but I was also in university and drinking is hard to avoid. Anyway, I was getting regular blood tests all the while and my liver was always in great shape so it was never brought up. I eventually stopped the mtx and the excessive drinking habits
I also took Milk Thistle, which is supposed to help liver function so that's something to consider.
Like Dusty mentioned, aza and 6mp are your other options basically. I've never been on 6MP, and never found aza to do much for me, but that's just me personal experience.
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Mr. Kush
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I haven't taken any other medication besides Pentasa. I've ready that MTX is sort of a last resort type of drug. My doctor gave me 2 options, MTX or 6MP. He said MTX was a better option because there has been more cases of serve conditions with 6MP if you step up to some other treatment that requires an IV? I'm not too sure, He told me that pentasa was only treating part of my inflammation, what other pill form of drugs, preferably non immunosuppressives, can treat the large intestine, or areas that pentasa doesn't treat?

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