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Problems with teachers

I was diagnosed with Crohn's via colonoscopy about a month ago. My GI put me on Asacol HD to hold me over until our next appointment, but it makes me so tired. From the time I get home until I have to get up for school I do nothing but sleep. And it hasn't really worked for me. I still wake up with horrible stomach pain nearly every morning. Some mornings I have diarrhea, sometimes I don't get it until an hour or two into school. It gets so bad sometimes that I have to miss school because I can't even stand up straight due to the pain. My GI thinks the Crohn's is affecting me in my small intestines as well and he's afraid there might be a blockage. I was supposed to have the pillcam done but Tricare won't approve it. My GI has put in another request but it's been nearly three weeks and no word from my insurance so I'm not feeling too hopeful.

I've missed a lot of school due to appointments and just over all feeling like crud. Most of my teachers are amazingly supportive. They know I've got a lot going on right now, though they don't know it's Crohn's exactly, and they're very forgiving of my absences. But I have this one teacher who makes me feel horrible every single day, whether I'm in school or not. He teaches precalculus, which I do not understand. I've been to multiple tutors to no avail. He has expressed a deep dislike for me since the school year started and I'm about at my wits end with him. Like today. I finished my test and handed it in to him and told him that I had to go (today has been one of my bad days. I only went to school to take his test) and he actually scoffed at me and rolled his eyes. It's been on my mind ever since. I've always been a wonderful student. I've never had a teacher not like me, and the fact that he dislikes me for something I can't help really gets to me. He knows I have Crohn's. A friend of mine explained to him what was going on when I had to miss several classes because I was in the hospital.

I just don't know what to do anymore. I dread going to school every day because I know I'll have to see him and I know what he must be thinking of me. I know I'm letting it bother me more than it should. It's just making all of this so much more difficult. If I have an appointment or wake up in pain like today I should feel comfortable taking the day off school but instead I find myself worrying over that one class, that one teacher all day.

Has anyone been through something similar to this, or have any advice for me? Just knowing that someone understands how I'm feeling would be nice. Thank you in advance to anyone who responds.
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I remember having symptoms in high school, and it was awful. I had a teacher like you describe, and the worst part was I had her class right after lunch an no one left her class for any reason. I stopped eating at school because of her, but kept it to myself. Looking back I should have talked to both my mom and the principal. Is the main problem how he makes you feel, or are your grades in his class effected? Either way I think you should talk to your parents and someone at school, principal, dean of students if you have one, a guidance counselor, or anyone who knows what you are going through. Make a list of your concerns first, then ask one or both of your parents to address them with you at school. You cannot help what is happening with your health, and you shouldn't be made to feel this way. It may not stop, but at least you will know you did what you could and there are others who are aware of this that you can talk to.
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Hi there

On the other hand im a teacher and I have been off work for five months. But the kids and staff have been very supportive. Dont worry talk to someone
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Legally you are protected by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). Especially if you are in a public school (or any school that receives federal funding). The law is that if you have a disability the school is required to accomodate you. This can include anything that is "reasonable" including extra time for exams, etc. You will likely have to register as needing such an accomodation at the school. I would do this because it may legally protect you if you have any sort of issue in the future. Schools usually have a disability services department or something similar.

Do not let this teacher stress you out. There are many teachers that can be jerks even if you did nothing to deserve it. Teachers are people too, they are not perfect. The liklihood of getting a wonderful teacher is the same as getting someone who is the opposite.
Good luck.
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I would say definitely talk to your parents. I remember when I was first sick (REALLY sick) and had to go to hospital my sister came into my class and told the teacher I had to go (the doctor had called the house) and the teacher thought it was faked so I could cut class.

I didn't even wait for her to say yes. I walked out of her class. Then she believed me when I didn't come back for 2 months!!

But really, no one should make you feel like that.. you cannot help what you have and you know what you can handle. Don't let an idiot teacher take his bad day out on you. Talk to your parents and go with them to talk to your principal.. or a teacher you can trust.

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Being chronically ill is difficult enough as is school without having to deal with a teacher like that.

As a parent I agree with talking to your parent's about it. I had the school on side with both of my children but should it have happened to either of them I would have been in the Principal's office pronto. He is a an adult and a professional, given your circumstances his behaviour is unacceptable.

Good luck hun.

Dusty. xxx
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Contact the local CCFA chapter near you. They will be more than happy to come to your school to speak to your teachers for you and to educate them on the illness. They did this at my nephew's school for one of his classmate's who has Crohn's so his classmates would understand why he was missing school all of the time. He is my nephew's BFF and when I told my nephew that is what I have and if he had any questions, he was like, I totally understand what you are going through and I hope you that you continue to stay healthy.

Here is the information for you: give them a call. Knowledge is power!!!! Good luck to you!!!

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Wow, I'm so sad to hear this. I just finished my last semester of grad school, studying art education. Having spent 4 days a week student teaching in a public school for kids with special needs, I can say pretty confidently that, at least in the 2 schools where I was placed, most teachers genuinely, truly want to understand their students and help them succeed.

I'm sorry to say this, but this teacher sounds like a real jerk.

Having sort of been on "the other side of the desk," my advice would be to talk to a teacher you trust - like one of the teachers who treats you well and understands your situation, as you explained before. Perhaps another teacher would have insight on Mr. Jerk Teacher, and would know how to proceed, in terms of who to speak with and how to best advocate for you. Sometimes other teachers are best aware of the dynamic in the classroom, whereas principals and counselors can be kind of removed. Just my 2 cents.
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And keep us posted with what is happening and what you decide to do
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I went through the exact same thing in my last year of high school 2 years ago which was when I didn't have a diagnosis so the teachers never really believed that I was sick since I didn't look sick on the outside. I just learnt to ignore what other people thought as I knew what I was going through and had some great friends. Now having a diagnosis sometimes I feel like I could go back to them and rub it in there face but what would that achieve.

All I can suggest is that you could talk to your principal or counsellor and see if they could talk to that particular teacher.

Good luck and I hope your feeling better soon

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