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First surgery

Hello I just had my first surgery on Monday I feel great even after 13in of intestinal gon but was wondering how long till I start getting food I have not ate since 2 Fridays ago thanks for the help as I'm sitting here recovering
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Hi Nikeyman,

I was only allowed 'sips' of water until I was able to pass gas. Then I was moved to clear liquids for a day. Since I tolerated that well and felt ok, they then allowed me to eat something. I've been slowly adding food back into my diet for the last few days (Tuesday was my first day with 'regular' food). I have read other's stories however where they were moved to foods faster, I think it depends on your surgeon perhaps exactly what you had to have removed.

Good luck!

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When I had my surgery I was on ice chips only for about 2 weeks along with TPN, then once my stoma started working (not sure how they thought it work without having anything come out), I was on a liquid diet, then finally made it to solid foods after about 3 1/2 weeks. My surgery was an emergency and my insides were pretty much wrecked, so I may have been a special case....good luck to you! Hope you've been able to eat since you posted!

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I lost all of my intestines .... and went 9 months with out food pretty much it was at least week before I had any food.... but all are different sorry not much help...
Feel better


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I was allowed to eat a low residue diet straight away

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I was allowed to eat a low residue diet straight away. I had an ileocecal resection removing approx 1ft. Wishing u a speedy recovery

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