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New to forum and feeling blue

Hello, everyone. I'm hoping to find some support through this forum. I've had UC for nearly 20 years and am now in a flare-up that has me so depressed. I am thankful to have had 5 years of nearly symptom free time but it seems now to make this flare completely intolerable.

Had colonoscopy last week showing disease to look more like Crohn's. Doc put me on prednisone at 40 mg which I hate! Also on flagyl and Pentasa. I have work travel almost every week and this is really not helping.

Started feeling lightheaded yesterday and hoping it's not from blood loss. I'm going to beg for labs tomorrow to check, even though I just had them 2 weeks ago. Going in for capsule endoscopy tomorrow to see just how much is effect in the small intestine.

I hope this forum is a good way to not feel so alone. Looking forward to getting to "know" you all.
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Good place to start to find people that can relate and identify with what you're going through.

When I was first diagnosed I was 20 years old in the Army and I felt like my life was over that I'd never get to do the things I wanted to do because I would have to deal with this disease the rest of my life. But you just can't let this nonsense control you, you control it. You have to take different steps than other people but this isn't a death sentence, eat right, exercise, do what's right for you to achieve mental wellness and the rest will follow.

We'll always have those rough patches, just got to bear through them and take the steps necessary to get over it and move on. You've had 5 years of symptom free so now you know what's possible to achieve, try to achieve it again and exceed your expectations.
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hello niffer and welcome. This is a great forum,actually the Best. The support is second to none and every one empathises and sympathises with you.I've got Colitis and have been in remission for a few months,with one or two little hitches,but I always have the feeling of impending doom.At least you're getting medical attention and I hope you start to feel better soon.Keep browsing the forum for lots of info. and lots of techno friends
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Hi there! I'm also new to the forum, so I'm hoping to gain some insight and support, as well. Let's get through this together. I'm planning on posting a personal story soon, which could be really cathartic. To know that there are thousands of us on this website who are all going through the same thing is so comforting, though.
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Hi cindywindy and welcome.I won't be the first to welcome and you'll get lots of help and support from this grear forum,be well until we hear from you again. (great user name by the way )
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Hi Niffer glad you found us...I always feel blue during a flare, and trust me the prednisone doesn't help my mood either. I once was diagnosed with UC but later told it was Crohn's, and that was an extremely difficult time.

You've been going through so much, it takes time to process it all. Just keep hanging in there and know we are all here for you and will help in any way we can. Sending hugs!


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I have always found to hit that "blue" place in the first part of every flare. I have found that I have to own it, and then work thru it, seems to come easier that way. If I try and act like I don't feel down, I won't get to the other side of it. So I would call up friends and have them come by, and/or family. Vent and moan. Then we can all start joking and laughing, and I can start dealing with getting better.
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Hey Niffer, welcome! I'm semi-new too, and so far everyone here has been wonderful. I'm sorry you're going through such a tough time. I hope that things get sorted out for you soon.

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