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03-01-2012, 11:58 AM   #61
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After reading these posts, it seems the appendix is a common (but incorrect) scapegoat for Crohn's pains. I almost received the same diagnosis, until a specialist identified my Crohn's disease and spared my appendix.


2 weeks later, I was in the ER in another city, doubled over with excruciating pain. They said my appendix had ruptured, and removed it. That was New Years 2007.

Crohn's symptoms persisted and I've been in the Remicade Club ever since.
03-01-2012, 07:22 PM   #62
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My appendix was removed in 1963. it was smack in the middle of the 6 inches of colon and 6 inches of small intestine that was removed when I was 18. That was before the problem that I had at that time was diagnosed as Crohn's Disease. It was originally diagnosed as accute illitis or something like that.
03-27-2012, 12:27 AM   #63
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When I worked for a grp of Drs our surgeon said people can be diagnosed with Crohns when they have their appendix out. Anytime you have something removed from your body a bx is done. Its "usually" a male although can also happen to female. Females on the other hand can have trouble with their overies etc etc. So its not so much that the removal of the appendix causes Crohns but leads to a Dx of a disease you didnt know you had.

Diagnosed= 1992 and again Feb 2012 Confirmed with
CT enterography May 2015 !!

Waiting for the ok from my Ins company to restart Remicade. Will also start Imuron to get into remission!
I know it's out there somewhere and I WILL find it!

03-30-2012, 06:57 PM   #64
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Just had it removed with a ileocolic resection.

Diagnosed: Crohns Oct 2006
Prior Meds: Pentesa 4000 mg/daily; Cimzia 400 mg/monthly; Prednisone off and on from Aug 2011 - March 2012
Current Meds: Apriso started 4/14/2012
Surgery: Laparoscopic Ileocolic & Rectosigmoid Resection March 22, 2012
03-30-2012, 07:00 PM   #65
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Mine was removed along with a foof of my large
03-30-2012, 07:14 PM   #66
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I'm having those crohns pains right now. Went A&E as i couldn't sleep for 2 days and it hurts alot. It's hurting right now, but i went and they said it's prob crohns disease (not been diagnosed with it yet). They said only return if you have a fever or begin to vomit or the severity of the pain gets worse.
03-30-2012, 07:21 PM   #67
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Still have it and that is the area where all my pain started from.

DX March 2012 IBD - Inflammation of the Terminal Ileum with inflammed appendix
Asacol 800mg 4 x day
Amitriptyline 50mg
Omeprazole 20 mg when needed.
04-01-2013, 02:26 PM   #68
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Had mine removed recently when they removed my terminal ileum and some of my large intestine, apparently 8 inches all together and they figured they might as well take the appendix out as well
04-01-2013, 03:04 PM   #69
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Yeah I had mine removed along with all of my large bowel it turns out they were inflamed as well as all of my bowel
04-01-2013, 04:10 PM   #70
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I asked the doctor to take mine when the time came to have just over a foot of colon removed. I said this not long after diagnosis, knowing it would be in that area anyway, and knowing that I can live without it, thought it best having seen what a ruptured appendix can do to someone.
Previous meds: Sulfadiazine, Flagyl, Prednisone, Imuran, Pentasa, Asacol
Surgeries: re-section 2004
Currently taking: B-12 injections every 2 weeks, multi vitamin/mineral, fish oil (1000 mg), D3 (5000 mg)

Also lucky enough to have psoriasis as well.
04-02-2013, 10:06 AM   #71
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Had mine removed during a resection of the small intestine. Can't say I miss it.
04-02-2013, 11:47 AM   #72
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Both of my kids with Crohn's still have their appendixes.
04-05-2013, 12:00 AM   #73
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I still have my appendix.
04-05-2013, 05:14 AM   #74
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In 1982-1983, I was hospitalized three times because it was thought that I had a bowel obstruction. When I agreed to getting surgery, the surgeon discovered I had a ruptured appendix, as well as Crohn's, and that was what was causing all the problems.
04-05-2013, 06:41 AM   #75
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I had mine removed when I was 8 was inflamed in patch spots ...I will be 30 this year and was just dx!
04-05-2013, 07:33 PM   #76
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Appendicitis 1995 . Resection of ileum , followed by peritonitis and Crohn's. Until very recently most GE's were loathe to connect the two issues.
08-02-2016, 01:34 PM   #77
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The more I read about this the more fascinating it is... For those of you without an appendix I would highly recommend a high quality probiotic, specifically the strains know for their anti-inflammatory properties such as "Lactobacillus rhamnosus" and "Propionibacterium freudenreichii ssp. Shermanii." If you do have an appendix I would still recommend it because there are tons of things in our culture that can offset the balance of positive bacteria in our intestines (birth control pills, antibiotics, etc.)

Hope it helps!

I've become more interested in this topic as well and I'm trying to do some research.
(By the way, hello everyone, I just registered here! I do not personally have CD but my husband does whereas I have a different condition called Gastroparesis and we both do everything we can to help one another out! <3)

My husband's appendix was removed just days before he was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. It was most definitely in rotten shape, and although I don't suspect that the removal *caused* his Crohn's Disease, I very highly suspect that it somehow caused it to worsen. So that's what I am trying to research, and ways that I can help balance that out for him.
So Keezee, thank you for giving that advice!!

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