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Brand New: My Story

Hi there everybody! I am soo excited that there actually is a place for us undiagnosed people.

Here is my story.

All my life I have had bowel problems. Been diagnosed years ago with IBS. Every time I've complained to my doctor, I've always been told its your IBS acting up!

I am now 40 years old and my symptoms in the last few years are progressively getting worse.

On Febuary 13th of this year I was admitted into the hospital. I had severe pain on my left side, vomitting, and NO bowel movements. After a CT scan with contrast, I was admitted into the hospital with a diagnosis of Diverticulitis, which I didn't know I had. I had a severe infection in my sigmoid colon. I was given IV antibiotics, pain meds and only allowed clear fluids. This continued for 9 days. On day 4 it was brought to the doctors attention that my veins kept collapsing. I was then given a picc line to administer meds into.

I was released from the hospital on day 10 and sent home with home care and IV antibiotics and pain meds for another 2 weeks. Once home I was still having symptoms (which I will mention later) and my arm started to hurt terribly. Back to hospital, given an ultrasound of my arm.....and told I have 2 DVT's (blood clots). So the next 2 weeks were spent going back to the hospital every day to get my INR checked and to be given warfarin.
Now my family doctor keeps an eye on my INR levels and changes my doses accordingly.

Now, the surgeon who admitted me for diverticulitis has seen me for a follow up appointment. I have told him my symptoms, and he doesn't feel its another flare up of diverticulitis. He has booked me for another CT scan with contrast (april 9) and a colonoscopy with biopsy (april 17).

One question I have is: Could I have diverticulitis and crohns? or colitis?

Here's a list of all of my symptoms that have escalated in the last year:

abdominal distention
abdominal pain, tenderness, and cramping
blood (small amount) and mucous during bowel movement (sometimes no stool just mucous and blood)
diarrhea and constipation
frequent bowel movements
pain in abdomen after eating and cramps
severe urgency "to go" comes out of nowhere
severe pain in my joints
raised red rash on legs (sun makes this worse)
swelling in my eyes occasionally and very dry and gritty
feel hot, but have goose bumps and the chills at the same time
Nausea and weak
loss of appetite most days
cold hands and feet
nights sweats
Low B12
DVT x2 in arm
told i have a fatty liver
recent blood work showed an elevated ESR level range (0-20) mine 34

I have a hard time believing all of this is related to diverticulitis, especially when I am still having these symptoms and doc feels I am NOT having a diverticulitis flare up. Really need some input please! Are these symptoms familiar to anyone? Could this be Crohns?
IBS - July 1992
Hypothyroid -Aug 2006
Diverticulitis -Feb 2012
DVT in arm - Feb 2012

Colon/Rectal Surgeon looking for Crohns/Colitis

Current Meds - Eltroxin, Warfarin, Wellbutrin, Hydromorphone, B12 sublingual tabs

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I do not know the answer to your question ... but thanks for sharing your story ... and please continue to update. I do hope you finally get a firm diagnosis.
Mom to Danny (16), sick since Dec 2008 but current diagnosis uncertain.

(Danny's story)

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