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Helping my mother with mercaptopurine

Hello I am here speaking on behalf of my Mum. Shes had crohns disease for about 25 years now, and most treatments have been exhausted with little effect, soo she about to go on mercaptopurine. I've read about it, it's a chemotherapy drug ussually used in leukemia but also for chrons disease. It seems to me a reasonable option, but me and her are worried about the side effects. Im worried aboutt he liver and pancreas issues, and my mum of course worries also aboiut losing her hair. I'm not really sure how to help her, I think she really needs this drug but I really don't know how to express that i'm concerned. Were not getting on well, and she won't go to any forums for support despite being worried sick about the treatment. Is there anything I can do? Or does anyone know about this drug? Thank you
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this is the pure version of aza, I canot take either drug as it inflams my liver. Im on methotrexate and not noticed any loss of hair as yet. I would not worry give it a try as it can take upto three months to see if it is working. why dont you have a chat where your mums ibd nurse thats what they are there for.
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Hi Daniel, I was on azathioprine then 6mp, mecaptopurine. I think the 6mp is metabolised differently to the aza (so less side affects such as sickness). Someone on here posted a link to fhe ccfa which I thought was really good explaining risks and benefits.

Hope it helps and try not to worry.

Kaz xxx

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Hi Daniel,

Both of my children are on Azathioprine and have not suffered with any side effects but of course everyone is different.

Do you know if your Mum has had a TPMT blood test done?

We also have a Azathioprine (Imuran)/Mercaptopurine (6MP) forum so you might like to have a browse through that as well...

If you would like me to move your thread there just let me know.

Dusty. xxx
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