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how to research surgeons, I'm frustrated

I am in the process of selecting a surgeon and am trying to research
their credentials . There are so many different websites out there where people rate their doctors, but a lot of the sites have no reviews for the doctors I am considering. How do you know when a surgeon is the right one for you? How do you know they are trustworthy? The surgeon that is currently my number one choice has one excellent review and one bad review, and no other reviews. The bad review is from 2006, so maybe I shouldn't pay attention to it.
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I don't know which site you are using but I usually check on
It is still only a website though... I guess we are all concerned about different things as patient so these are not quite "trustworthy" for that matter.
Your GI has not mentioned any? I usually try to trust them on that aspect and confirm with the reviews after.
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The hospital in which they practice will commonly have information on them and resume.
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Thanks for writing. Yes, my GI has recommended a surgeon, but this is the surgeon who had one excellent review and one bad one, and no other reviews.
However, I did read her resume and work experience on-line and she does sound very experienced. I think I am just a bit freaked out by the one bad review, but I know that most people who see a particular doctor probably never bother to write a review online.
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You also have to remember that it is almost always the people who have had bad experiences, in all sorts of areas, who write about them. Many people complain, few people praise.
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If you like and trust your GI the chances are very good the surgeon also has a good reputation. Your GI is not likely send his patient to a bad doctor. When I was working for doctors- "My" doc would refer only someone he would see- someone he respected- its also your GI's reputation. The only time I could see a problem would be if your Ins co really had a restricted list. Then its out of your referring Drs hands.

Does that make sense?

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Thanks everyone who wrote. Your opinions are reassuring.
You are right, I do really like and trust my GI of 11 years, and since she
is recommending this doctor I should be more trusting.
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Hi BoFin! Have you had a surgical consult with the surgeon you are considering? When I went in for the consult they also gave me his whole bio, which was pretty impressive. After meeting with him I also had a really good feeling about him. I really don't think I could have asked for anyone better. Good luck!!

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I have a consult scheduled for April 18th with the surgeon I am currently most interested in working with.

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