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Pred and shaking

Has anyone else experienced shaking as a side effect of taking Prednisone? I have been on it for nearly six weeks so far (1 week 40mg, 1wk 35mg, 1wk 30mg, 1 wk 25mg and then 20mg since my colonoscopy) I have had several people in the past couple of days commenting that I am shaking. I wasn't really aware of it until it was pointed out to me but when I am holding glasses it is definitely noticeable. I spilt a hot cup of tea over myself a few days ago and today I lost my balance and fell when I was crouching down. I now wonder if these are related.

I'm going to speak to my GP in the morning as Google says shaking is a rare side effect. I'm assuming it won't be the Pentasa as shaking isn't mentioned as a side effect of that.
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It's a good idea to talk to your GP about it.

I am a shaker and there are so many reasons for shaking, sometimes it is low blood sugars for me; plus I have a central nervous disorder from my gene pool. My grannie had major shakes, my dad has middle size shakes and I have the baby shakes...but I know what I have to look forward to has I head to grannies age. Your shaking could well be linked to your body adjusting to the tapering of the pred, if its causing you concern and making you feel uncomfortable and unstable (balance) then you are doing the right thing my talking to your GP about it. I wish you luck - keep us posted
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I experienced shaking and high anxiety. It was so bad that i had to go to the hospital.
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