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Newbie and suffering

I was diagnosed with Crohns in 2003 when I had a flare up. After that I remained well and was never better when I was pregnant in 2005. In 2006 I had a flare up which was controlled almost instantly with Prednisolone. I have had a few flare ups since all contolled with Prednisolone.

The most recent flare up was in Feb this year. I was put on Prednisolone reducing eventually to 5 mg for the last 3 weeks. Majority of this time I was sympton free until the end of last week and over the weekend when my smptons have been getting prgressively worse. At the moment I have severe cramping running to the toilet regularly, pain in my shoulder and my hip and down my leg, flu like symptons (shivery, aches and spiking temperatures). I am currently on 2g Pentasa granules daily and have been for sometime.

Tonight I feel like rubbish with hardly any energy but I know I have to go to work tomorrow as I have a meeting which cannot be missed and right now I know that it is going to be torture to get through. I will ring my GP first thing in the hope to get an appointment tomorrow afternoon.

I am not keen on going back on Prednisolone as I am only off a course of these. Anyone any ideas of what else could be taken?
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Entocort....Iv been on Pred many times, and am going to have to stay on it (only 25mg thank GOD cos I wasn't handling the higher doses and tapering, which is normal apparantly, even to develop psychosis), but once I wean and am on humira and 6mp only, if it flares, I plan to ask for entocort. It's costly, but it's a steroid which works the same way as Pred on your bowels, without half as many side effects. If you've only just weaned though, it's common to have bad side effects, coming off of Pred, so maybe speak to your GI, you might not need to go back onto steroids, just an imune suppressant like azathirorine, which works well for many people with crohns.
Best wishes, hope your feeling better soon xoxo
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Love the forum
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Hi clarabella and welcome to the forum

I don't have any specific advice but wanted to welcome you. I'm really glad you're getting an appointment with your doctor soon. Please keep us updated as to how you're doing.

I wish you well!
It's good to be back
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Hello and welcome to the forum What you're experiencing could be the tapering off the steroids although the running to the loo could be indicative that the Pentesa can no longer keep things under control on its own. Have you been able to speak to your GP today?

Hope you can be feeling better soon


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Take a Codine or panadol to get you through your meeting first. Then proceed by going to your doctor or calling him or her. Take care and all the very best

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