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LDN vs. Remicade

I've been on the longest flare of my 12 year stretch. For 6 months I looked for a doc who would prescribe LDN with no such luck. Finally I gave in and succumbed to Remicade. I've had 3 doses and only now do I see a slight improvement. The possibility of increased infections and cancer still scare me. Just recently my sister found a doctor who would prescribe LDN. So my question is should I stay on Remicade knowing that if I stop, it may not work for me later due to antibodies? Has anyone done both? From what I understand tho, it sounds like the two are opposites and may cancel each other out. Has anyone out there given up Remy for LDN?
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If the remicade IS/DOES work, then my personal advice (based on everything I've heard of the potential issues involved in dropping it and getting back on it) is stick with Remicade. I understand that there can be antibody issues if one stops taking Remicade and tries later to resume it. To drop it solely to try LDN is an extremely large gamble, and may backfire. LDN doesn't work for everyone, and what if you stopped the remi, switched to LDN, and it didn't work for you? Could be an extremely bad situation. Whereas, on the otherhand, if the remicade doesn't work, you've still got LDN up your proverbial sleeve. As for the long term side effects, those aren't guarranteed. You may develop them, or you may not. Most pharmaceutical companies disclose (in fine print) the numbers/percentage, etc., of these possible issues. But, try not to lose sleep over it. Most folks stand a greater chance of getting hit by lightning that winning a lottery, but still they'll go out in the rain to buy their tickets. It's all a matter of perspective.

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