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confused !! does pred stop working

help information .......
so i am on my taper down on prednisone , first week was great , but today and yest i have had awful tummy ache i am hoping it was just mushrooms in a meal i had sat nite but bit worried !!
This medication seamed to sort everything out , no bleeding , bathroom trips down to one or two a day and pain ....gone !!! so i am worried now this is all going to come back , if so what happens can they put me back on the higher dose ??

really hoping this pain is 'one of those things ' !!!
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My son had a little bleeding when he started tapering. I called and reported it to the nurse and she said that his body may be adjusting and to wait and see. As he tapered over the next 2 months he had other minor issues but the taper went well and he is now off Prednisone and in remission. He had occasional loose stools or headache, joint pain those sort of symptoms. I was afraid he just couldn't be off the prednisone but he adjusted. I would call the office and report symptoms but I think it is somewhat expected you will have a few issues while tapering. Or you may just need to taper more slowly. Some people do have difficultly getting off of prednisone so keep your Dr. informed. I hope everything smooths out for you soon. (((((Hugs)))))). Tiffany
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i found that pred stopped working for me over time. The first couple weeks were amazing, i felt like superwoman and then it just started not working....
after a few months i had the side effects from pred, but not the benefits so i had to go off. and i've heard from a lot of people that weaning off was really hard on their bodies.
good luck!
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I took me a long time to taper off. Switched Drs and he did a very slow taper. Worked much better and I was in remission for a long while. Then I had my third baby. (17 1/2 yrs ago) Again prednisone and a very slow taper.

This time around I am on Entocort. Seem to be doing well. Just started- will see how this goes. I dont know the protocol for this medication yet. Will ask at my next visit.

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Waiting for the ok from my Ins company to restart Remicade. Will also start Imuron to get into remission!
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