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Filter question

I use a one piece coloplast bag with a filter. My Nurse said that the filter should be good for two days. I can usually get 3-4 days between changes, but I barely get one day out of the filter. As soon as I go to bed with a new bag and the output touches the filter it's as good as useless and Berry gets a bouncy castle. Berry's bouncy castle sounds funny, but having a ballon on my belly is less than awesome.
Are there any tricks that can help prolong the life of the filter? Sound I start ordering bags without the filter to save money?
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I call that waking up to 'wood'. Ahem. And being a girl, I dont find it particularly pleasant. I'm not talking Johnny Depp, so it simply wont do!

There are charcoal tablets you can put in the bag that help. But, personally I dont think you'll get more than 2 days out of a bag with filters if your output is loose (as mine continues to be)

There is a product called 'ileo gel' that does help. But you will have to put in at change. And then put in the day after and so on to make it help. As in, from the out put area. Some people may find this 'gross', but that's the only way to do it.

Two piece bags are a bit easier I have to say.
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LOL, never thought of that "wood" comparison. Made me giggle.
Thanks for the ideas.
I thought of changing to a two piece system, but I don't like change much so I was easily talked into staying with the one piece. Aside from the filter issues, I quite like it.

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