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Bowel Resection - Post Surgery

I have had Crohns disease for 30plus years. I had a bowel resection 12 days ago. One long surgery. 6 hours which was more than twice the time the doctor expected. One long scar down the middle even larger than the scar from the same surgery I had in 1984. Both surgeries removed 12 inches of small intestine..

Comparing the two surgerys, the one in 1984 to the current one it is amazing how the changes have happened. Pain management is so far ahead. Having an epidural made a huge difference in my pain. Now the epidural itself took too well as I couldnt move my legs for 4 hours after surgery but I would definitely have it done again. Recovery seems so much easier from that.

I have now dropped taking pain medication except for bedtime. If I need something during the day I just take two tylenol. The pain is very minor except when coughing.

My challenge now is when will bowel movements return to a more normal state. Presently just about anything I eat tends to cause me to have a very liquid bowel movement. I am trying to watch what I eat and take things slow but just wonder how others have fared with this. I just cant recall how I was 27 years ago after the first surgery.
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I haven't had such a surgery but wanted to say I'm pleased that things have gone well for you And I'm pleased to hear that pain management has come a long way and that you're in much better shape than in 84 in that regards!

Out of curiosity, what specific area of intestine did you have removed in 84 and recently?
It's good to be back
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Very good to hear you are on the mend!
Bowel movements can be a bit tricky after a resection. Another thing that can differ from person to person. The good news...your bowel is working Just a little faster then you want it to.
The bowel can take some time to re-adjust. If you need to be in public you can ask your Dr. about questran (it helps but remember the gurgle can be a sign it is wearing off so get to a restroom asap)
Sometimes if the join between the large and small bowel is removed it can cause long term D, this sometimes does not remain permanent. Remember your body has been through a lot, give it time to heal.
Also the more small bowel that is missing can cause malabsorption issues. Carbohydrates (especially sugars, breads) can be difficult to digest and pass quickly. Fats may also pass quickly, this can sometimes be seen with a oil type film on top of the toilet water, stools that float.
Take care. My best to you

Please be sure to have your b12 checked if you have not done so.

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