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crohns remission

well Im very happy to say (but dont want to jinx it) that Im think Im entering my 'feeling better' phase.

reducing off pred - down to 15mg per day, still on 100mg aza.

Mornings are still difficult - around 3 toilet visits before I set off for work. But during the day I get minimal to no tummy grumbles, I haven't had any 'accidents' for two weeks, and I only need one visit to the toilet on an evening now.

Generally I feel much brighter, less tired, alert and getting back to my old self.

Kick this disease in the butt I will!!!!! see how it likes its bum hurting!

I never thought id say it but Aza was the best thing for me....the first three weeks on it were pretty brutal and I took a week off work sick, but as soon as the side effects settled everything started to improve.

good luck to everyone else and hope you all enter your 'feeling better' phase xxx
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That is great news. May you continue to improve and enjoy a long lasting remission :-)
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Good for you. I am so pleased that you are feeling better.

I will try to follow your lead & do some butt kicking too.

My GI wants to do a resection then start me on Aza so its good to know its working for you.

All the very best to you

Happy hugs from Helen
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I have a hospital appointment with my consultant tommorow so I hope I can reduce a bit more and stay well....as much as the Aza has worked for me Im still sooooo spotty from it....feel like a teenager again...

But I shall not moan, a few spots are nothing compared to what I feel like in full flare up
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Yeah for you!!!!!!!!!
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