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Hey! I'm wishing you good luck!
A month before my 'crohns' started acting up and staring causing problem - which we have now discovered it was crohns I was told I have a wheat allergy. The doctors are looking into the possibly link to one another (as well as a few other allergies that we're discovered). I had been having stomach problems for about three years and when we found out that I was allergic to wheat (which is not celiac) we thought all my problems were solved. Unfortunately it was only the beginning, however I wanted to weigh in on some things about going wheat or gluten free from my own personal experience.

The hardest part for me was cleansing the wheat from my body. Usually the first 4 days are the worse. The bloating, cramping and even stools are inconsistent but after the 5th day or so it will get easier. We are generally all addicted to the wheat so we go through a kind of withdrawal from it.
I'm not sure about your son but I have a lot of difficulties digesting raw fruits and vegetables so salads are not an option for me. Typically for lunch I have GF crackers with tuna (I am sensitive to dairy so I don't usually have any cheese) with some sort of fruit (usually baby food cause it's cooked and strained so easier to digest) and some GF granola bar or fruit snacks. Sometimes I will add some nuts depending on how I am feeling. There are a lot of good GF products out there, but there are also some very terrible ones! Planning ahead for meals seems to help keep me on track better then when I spur of the moment get hungry due to the fact that there are very very few fast food chains that offer a safe choice. However most McDonald's fries are safe cause they are fried in different oil - if your stomach can handle it.
But one of the most important tips I could give is EAT WhEN YOUR HUNGRY! The first few times I cleansed of wheat I didn't listen to my body and didn't eat constantly when I wa s hungry and I was miserable and was unsuccessful. In most cases going GF lessens daily calorie intake so your body is starving! And that is okay ( I was scared i was eating too much) but making healthy choice is totally okay to eat all the time.

Best of luck! Ohh. And chex cereal is amazing! Keep on touch!

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