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Why now?!

Ugh. Vent time. I'm getting married 2 weeks today.. things have been alright. I had a flare, am on the pred (and watching weight VERY carefully) things have been clearing up. Now, however, things are getting bad again. I just want to be well for my wedding!!! I want to wear the dress and not have my stomach bloated and sticking out for the world to see.
Also, I can get really dry skin on my face, and eczema type thing on one cheek and my chin. I don't know why, maybe it's the crohns? But it's been really clear for 2 months and suddenly today shows signs again. SERIOUSLY?! 2 weeks, could you not have waited 2 weeks?

FINALLY I have discovered what I thought was a hernia on my abdomen just below my rib cage on the right. It's making me sick when I eat and giving me awful belly ache. I wonder if it is obstructing my gut. I went to the doctors and she booked me for a scan. The wedding is the 20th, the scan came through for 24th. SIGH. We're not going on honeymoon yet, but we are moving house and I don't want to stay down south any longer than necessary!! What will we do? Stay at my Mum's? Awkward.

Sorry.. I just was hoping everything would be smooth and when the crohn's looks like it will be ok for once there is something else coming along and screwing things up. I mean it's my wedding for heavens sake. I don't want to feel nauseous, sick and belly achy all the way through.

Vent over.

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Chrismac that really does suck!!!

I hope it turns around for you and you can gave an amazing wedding day and feel great!!

I was going through a rough patch when I got married too. I tried my hardest to be well on the day. I did pretty good. I did eat much of anything, i took a couple of hot baths, and at the reception, I didn't even get a mniute to eat anything. I took immodium a couple of hours before and I didn't have to go to the bathroom one time all night!

I really hope that things get better for you before your wedding so you can enjoy it!!
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Do you think that you could tolerate an elemental diet for a couple of weeks? It might give you some relief from the symptoms and feel like you have some control over your life during this special time. Check out the elemental/enteral nutrition section in the Treatment Sub-forum.

May you soon be feeling better and may your special day be as wonderful as you are hoping for.
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Thanks, I'm doing ok, trying not to worry because that makes things worse!

Manzyb - I think I'll not eat much the day before, then I will be more able to on the day.. and maybe then not until the reception. The later the better. Chris can cope with the after effects as long as they are well and truly after!

happy - I haven't looked into that diet before but I will check it out. Problem is, my will power sucks! But it's definitely worth it.

On a lighter note I just picked up my dress from the shop. So excited to wear it, it's very beautiful. Now just need to get through the next 2 weeks without bruising myself/causing injury. Haha. Game on.

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