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This is my first vent here, but reading all yours, I feel like not only would all of you with ibd understand, but some may even feel better, knowing there are others in this world going through the same seemingly unfair hardships.

I feel like if it's not one thing, then another. If I'm not having major crohns/uc symptoms, Iv got major candida issues. Just probiotics, vit c alone cost me $80 the other day, for 2 weeks, then there's the countless frigging scripts, and other vitamins. Not working ATM, so I have no idea how I'm going to just pay for meds toilet paper and such. I have an 8year old, make sure she has whatever she needs food wise first, then I want to do scd, but the cost of health stuff?!?!?!
A relationship Iv been in for 12 years, has recently ended, and I get so emotional on that front, with the way he speaks and dosnt give a crap. He makes out his 'concerned' for my daughter, yet all he can think of is not having to pay child support.
I want to work part time, last 2 times I did cleaning in the last few years, both times stopped because of crohns. Enrolled in uni twice last year, both times had to withdraw because of hospitalization.
Thanks to long term Pred, I developed psycosis, and then depression, so now theres 2 antidepressants as well.
My little girl and I just moved, and even little bits I planed to get when moving, dresser for her, toy box ect, seem completely impossible. The little I had put away, basically went on movers, that didn't even move all my furniture, still have outdoor setting ect, or boxes, and everythings just been thrown in here, so I'm pissed off, and feel like I payed 550, and could of spent some of that on Jasi, and some pot plants, new calendar etc, but no. Why the f&@k do things have to be so hard????
What gets to me, is I'm called inconsiderate by my ex, when Iv been nothing but. Even my mother...Im just lazy in her opinion, and that's why I have 'nothing' and a 'shitty' 2 bedroom (her words). This may sound like blowing my own trumpet but I'm one of the nicest people to any/every one. I feel like it's one thing after another, and it sounds like souking, but it's Sooo unfair!!!!
I didn't want the movers to see me cry yesterday, but I had a complete emotional outburst infront of mum and a friend who came to help. Then felt like a souking idiot, after crying and yelling why the hell can't anything be easy for me, I swear to god. Then my ex comes, I have a massive yell at him, and Im just so emotional everytime I see him, after he basically told me, after 12 years, he just sees me as a bitch and slut ect, and his so glad we're not together. Arrrrrrrrr-

Sorry it's so long, but some of you write about the same issues, and I just felt like a vent.
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Love the forum
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I know, all the extra crap life throws at us just seems too much when we have to deal with Crohn's as well.

I'm so sorry things are hard for you right now. I really hope you settle and find the lovely things in your new place and get to enjoy the time with your girl. It doesn't seem like it sometimes but the bad things don't last forever and the good times will come. Hang in there!!

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I am so sorry you are giong through such a rough time, Irene

People can be so insensitive about what we go through, and your mom of all people? Jesus, you would think she would be a little more compassionate.

It does seem like it is always one thing or another going on. I feel the same way. One thing gets fixed, the next thing breaks!!! WTF?

I'm so so sorry
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from your fellow IBD'ers.
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Thanks so much
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Sometimes, Irene, you have to be your own best friend cos others just don't want to bother understanding. but the best people log on here. i haven't been what you are going through, but i think you need to understand even a house move is incredibly emotional. try not to let the stress get to you.

best wishes
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Thanks spooky. It was suggested to me that I go see a psychologist, when I got psychosis with the prednisone. I still get incredibly emotional if loved ones say anything hurtful, so besides the antidepressants, I think I'll just do that eventually. Thing is, I'm not stressed in general, but I can get so emotional, and have to say what I think and feel. My ex of 12 years is the biggest emotional point, getting along really well with my mum and sister, and everytime I speak to him, every thought I have I just have to say, then and there. Thanks for your support, the people on this forum are wonderful. xoxo
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Hugs all the way to you, Maybe in regards of your ex only words with him over the phone or text and when come pick your daughter try not said anything to him. Other suggest could be keep dairy.
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Thanks Josephine, I did start a diary, and I do want to be civil around my little girl with him, just been very emotional. But thank you for the suggestion. Xoxo

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