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Does anybody have odd neighbours, I have a caravan which sits on my front garden when not in use, I find using a caravan the only way I can enjoy a holiday, when on sites there are rows of toilets which are never full, I have been overseas with the caravan to France and Spain, (my partner drives if I'm unable to).
Due to my illness, (CD&UC) I find myself unable to do my garden due to feeling tired a lot of the time. This week my partner and I had a few days away, when we came back my neighbour had erected a 6ft high fence in the front garden between the two properties, (I have a semi) when I spoke to them their answer was "we don't like looking at your caravan & your garden is not exactly Kew" for those who don't know what Kew is, I think its the uk center of the garden society.
I don't see why I should have to explain to others why I don't do my garden and why I have a caravan. I also have a blue badge, but as I have a driveway there is no disabled sign painted on the road, therefore only neighbours who know me well are aware of my illness, so now I'm the only one in my road with a 6ft high front fence making me look a social leper.
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Hi Loosewheels

Just curious but do they call you neighbour Hyacinth Bucket by any chance.

Some people are so horrible. Ignore these numpties. If I win the lotto tonight I will send Alan Titchmarsh & Charlie Dimmock round to your house with a van that says 'Gardens by Kew' on the side just to see what they say LOL.

There is nothing wrong with caravaning. Its nice to have freedom to go where you choose. Enjoy it & forget about the Buckets next door.
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We had neighbours that built a 7 foot fence as well. When the tenant downstairs had active schizophrenia, she would sit at the bottom of the stairs smoking. And in the mornings, she would come out in her pj's and a bright pink showercap to cover her bed hair. She had some interesting clothing choices, and we would often peek out to see what she was wearing. But, our high-falutin' neighbours didn't care for her outfits in the same way as we did, so they built the big fence. According to our city by-laws, the fence was illegal, and we were tempted to rat them out, but never did.

Anyways, they managed to keep their view from being 'offended' by our downstairs neighbour, but I'll never know if their fence had a sound barrier because this tenant could also let out a series of the most boisterous and dramatic farts you've ever heard!

Hmmm, I wonder if you could have an interesting mural painted on your side of the fence?

At the end of the day, hopefully, they'll end up looking like jerks, rather than you being a social leper!

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I appreciate your view, but to be frank I wouldn't be happy about my neighbours having a caravan either, to me they are a complete and utter eyesore, and would put up a fence so I didn't have to see it when I was in my home/garden. I wouldn't however make any comments about the state of garden or a caravan; I would just put up a fence and leave it at that.

They may also have concerns about people going into the caravan and getting a better view into their windows, and so want more privacy.

You don't have to explain to others why you live your life the way you do, but others also have a right to find a way of living they are happy with, and for your neighbours it is putting up the fence.

Now you have your caravan that you want, and your neighbours have the view (or lack of) that they want, so hopefully peace will reign!

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Isn't a caravan just a regular minivan? Or is there some sort of "special edition"
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Hi KWalker, A caravan does not have an engine, it is towed behind a car or van to caravan sites parked there, its legs are wound down and lived in, this enables the car to be used on its own to see the local area. there are 2 berth, (2 beds) 3/4and so on berth caravans, mines a 2 berth. its only small, and made by a firm called Eriba, have a look on google and you should see the range they do.these are popular with classic car owners as they are light and can be towed by the car with the smaller engine say under 1000cc.
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Oh cool. I thought you guys were refering to a dodge caravan so I was thinking "what's wrong with that?"

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