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Hormones and Hands?

I have slightly hormones imbalance which cause hair grow quite dark on my top lip but also I get fingertip size grows on left and right side of chin.

I have had and always had Fifth finger camptodactyly both hands. All fingers minus thumb are slightly crooked and painful stretch them.
Anyone else?
Acid Reflux for 15 years med

Sacroiliitis and add to grew list auto immune diseases.

Now on Lansprazole 15 mg And Gavin son 5mg-10mg 3a day.

Crohns from Oct 2007
Domperidone 10 mg -20 mg, Mebeverine 135 mg,
3 a day.
Balsalazide 750 mg 3 X3 a day on going.
Bone protection.

Azathioprine is not working, still waiting to find out what next. Still on low dosage Prednisolone

Mesalamine Enema

No Wheat

English my native language and have characterizes of dyslexia.

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