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I give up

It's been a while since I've been on things have been good and bad all at the same time. Before the budget cuts and rule changes I quaified for the same insurance for the past 3 half yrs. now they are taking the insurance that not only my primary care take but also my mental health provider accepts away. So now I have to go see another primary and no mental health just cause my Crohns is in remission so I'm not sick enough to get the other insurance. Like really!?!??! U only want to give me the insurance I really do need away just cuz I'm In remission. I don't know what I'm going to do cause I'm only getting this Other insurance until july. Ive been fighting with SSI got a lawyer had a court date of course they denied me but there was a lot of errors so we have a good appeal but of course im looking at another year of waiting. I feel like im on a roller coaster that i cant get off and it wont let me off. I keep fighting and fighting but yet its getting me no where and i feel like ive hit my limit. Im always going to have this disease its not going away so why cant anyone get that!?!?? Just cuz things are ok now dont mean its going to be that way tomorrow.
Diagonsed at 19 had surgery in
Aug 2009 bowel resection and fistula fixed,
now it's IBS for me
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Pentasa 2x day 500mg, Iron, B-12 shot,
hyoscyamine as needed
New med: belladonna-phenobarbital

have been on: Prednisone (which I will never take again), asacol (waste of time for me),
Entocort, sulfasalazine (made me have weird side affects),Remicade (Horriable reaction after 3rd dose)
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Aww. Juicy, that just sucks :-( Just reminds me that sometimes we in the UK take our healthcare system for granted. It's awful that they just don't get that remission costs and is not guaranteed to last and that the stress of fighting for help with treatment is not going to help.
I don't know enough about the system over there to advise, just wanted to say hang on in there x
Dx Crohn's terminal ileum April 2011
Ileocaecal resection & partial cystectomy Sept 2012
3.5 years happy remission, in mild flare since Feb 2016 with related Portal Vein Thrombosis

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I know how you feel... I been off work sick
And because I went in some days they say I have
To be off for 3 months straight before I can claim..
I have osteopenia, some arthritis and constant fissures
And some urge to urinate which hasn't gone away in 3 years...
It sucks... Feels like no- one cares that you are sick
Ad how much it flares up... But because you are not so bad for a little while
They call it "better"

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