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Called today about entocort not helping

Called today and talked to the nurse, who in turned talked to the physicians assistant. I've had one bm on entocort that was a little more formed, but it was days ago and it seems to be a fluke. I'm to wean off the entocort over the next two weeks and start lialda today. I don't know what strengths it comes in but she did say it would be four a day. I'm still having the stomach pain, especially after eating, and I'm hoping that gets better. Off to the treatment boards to see what I can learn about my new medicine!
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Sorry the entocort didn't help. I was on it about 2 months ago, and that time it wasn't helping, either, so my GI put me on predisone. It has helped a lot, but at the cost of predisone side effects. I hope the Lialda helps.
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