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Shelley - MRI will be done awake.

Tess - The possibility of taking various preps by tube was one of the motivating factors for him to learn how to insert the tube. His experience with Pico-salax was horrible to say the least so he now has big plans for the tube!!!
Son (age 13) diagnosed with Crohn's Feb. 2012.
Currently on Imuran and Sulfasalazine.

Also taking: TuZen probiotic and following a low FODMAP diet (not very strictly).

Past Treatments: Prednisone, Flagyl, Cipro, Pentasa, exclusive EN via NG tube (6 weeks), Prevacid, Iberogast (20 drops twice a day) and high doses of vitamin B2.
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Hey Twiggy,

I think the significance of the right side is that the majority of psoas abscesses would be located there due to the lie of the bowel. Since the first and second most common forms of Crohn's involve the ileum, and generally the terminal ileum, and the fact that this area lies adjacent to the psoas muscle, plus a not so uncommon feature of ileal crohn's is abscesses and fistulas, that then makes the majority of psoas abscesses right sided.

Good lord! Does that make sense?

I think if the inflammation is not too great and it was of a sufficient size then an MRI would pick it up. I have read that CT's can be superior at picking up abscesses but I'm not sure about that.

Dusty. xxx
Mum of 2 kids with Crohn's.
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Coming in here late. just joined.

One thing that helped DS was to chew ice and have sugar.
We made pure cotton candy from sugar and sugar only lollipops. He also drank at school since his EN was consumed orally.

HOpe your LO feels better.

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