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the discomfort is so trying

Hi all. I just need a moment to share how hard today has been. I am still dealing with a bottle neck in my TI, and I can't really eat without pain, discomfort, gas, and very painful diarrhea. Its a little heightened because I am at a 2 day staff retreat for the agency I work at- lots of sitting, abaundant meals I can't eat, too many trips to the bathroom than I can count, and my backside is flaming . I am waiting for humira to kick in and entecort isn't really helping anymore.

I just needed to vent a bit and ask for support. I almost started crying in the lunch line.

Thanks and lets hope for better digestion!

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Oh, Adam, so sorry to hear how you've been feeling. I will have you in my prayers, sending good thoughts and hugs your way.
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Oh hun.
So sorry you are up suffering like that.
Hope the humira kicks in soon and you can get some much needed and deserved relief.

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Adam, hopefully the Humira will kick in soon, xxx


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Adam, I'm so sorry you are in so much pain. I hope the Humira kicks in soon for you.
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Could you try a liquid diet (enteral nutrition) until the meds kick in? Maybe a liquid diet would pass through the bottleneck without giving you pain.
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Thanks for all the well wishes and advice. It definitely helped to come to the forum with what I was feeling. I am doing much better today.

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Glad you're doing better, Adam!

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