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I am slightly confused!
Yes I know nothing new there then!

I have always been told I had UC. There was some doubt when i had an mri last August as it showed inflammation and scarring in my terminal ileum.
Since my sub total'ccolectomy aand temp stoma I have beebeen having aa worsening flare in my rectal stump. Had used pentasa/mesalazīne suppositories then onto cortifoam(butt facials) enemas. Both were no good and had no effect on my flare.
Have been having telephone consultations with my ibd nurse and she has prescribed me cipro antibiotics and entocort/budesonide.
Both of these are predominantly used in the treatment of crohns not uc.
Has anyone had any positive experiences with either.
Also anyone with UC been on these before.
I am wondering if she has given me these as a last ditch attempt to get this awful flare under control or because she thinks i have Crohns.
I have asked if I have crohns but i get the answer of - when we did the biopsies, after my aazathioprine, Mercaptopurine and remicade treatments, they all came back as showing no active disease.
This, to me, sounds like they could not find anything at that time. Not that i don't have crohns as well as uc.
Bear in mind that when they did tthe biopsies looking for Crohns my UC didn't show up either!
Sorry for the long post got a bit carried away!
DX: September 2011 UC now possible Crohns Feb 2012
Have tried: Pentasa(all forms),Prednisolone,Aza, 6MP, Infliximab,colifoam,metronizadole
Allergic/sensitive to: Penicillin, medical adhesives, tramadol
Am on: Citalopram,warfarin, paracetamol
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I have been on budesonide for a minor flare and it worked wonderful for me. I was on it for a few month when I weaned off of it (over 2 or 3 weeks). I had no side effects from it either which was awesome.

I do have Crohn's and from what I was told from my doctor, only a certain part of your instestines will respond to the Budesonide. My dr told me that if this did not control my symptoms, i would have to go on pred since it would mean my inflammation was in a spot that did not react to the Budesonide. Unfortunately, I do not remember which area of the instestines responded to it.

Good Luck!
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Thanks for replying Jennifer.

I no longer have a colon which was where all my disease was.

I just found it a bit strange that they are putting me on these meds.

They have given me a month of both but i will phone up in the next week to 10 days to give an update.

I have been on Pred and did ok until they reduced it down. My body then became dependant on it.

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Have woken up with aches all over, mad itching and a killer headache.
Hope I am not reacting to the meds. Only been on them for 1 day!
Going for a lie down am so tired. More so than usual.

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