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What's your feeling on his diagnosis of panic attacks?
It's good to be back
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My daughter has suffered severe anxiety and panic attacks due to the enormity of pain and complete change of her lifestyle due to this horrible disease.The anxiety drives the pain which exacerbates other symptoms as described by the fellow who is having trouble with his infusions. A pain management Dr. has helped us by recommending an antidepressant(Celexa) instead of depending on pain meds.
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Hi Marge, The doc thinks I'm dealing with multiple issues. Which usually seems to be the norm with me. Both the bloating and hot flashes affect my breathing in diff. ways. All of which he thinks is connected to the remacade. Because it's been going on for a few years, everywhere I went I was thinking about keeping my breathing under control. So my brain got programmed to that. No worse feeling than being in the back of a store, have a hot flash, breathing gets difficult and you start to wonder if your going to make it out of the store. The more it happens the more it creates panic. And so the cycle starts. Anyway, the first thing he did was put me on the lowest dose possible of xanax. It did help some but not completely. So slowing the drip hopefully will stop the hot flashes and maybe help the bloating. The zoloft is suppose to help in a sense reprogram my brain to do things without thinking about my breathing. If this doesn't work after 30 days he wants to suspend my remacade for a short time and then either start over or go to plan B.
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What's your feeling on his diagnosis of panic attacks?
I agree, the more it happens the more you think about it, and vice versa. But the main thing is a control issue. For instance, say I'm at home and I have a hot flash and my breathing gets a little difficult. I'm in control of what I need to do to get thru it. But if I'm out and about, I may not completely have that control which creates a little panic. So the more it happens the more panicky you get.
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Hey just wanted to follow up... my "hot flashes" stopped after maybe 4 days following my treatment
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I have night sweats, then I freeze, then I sweat, etc. I am cold natured but never dress too heavily or in something that can't be removed in seconds. For example, I wear fleece vests often instead of a sweater. If I wear a sweater it has to be extremely cold or again one that can be layered- a wrap sweater. I think your weather is much like NC so unless she is standing outside I would not worry. I often leave my coat in the car when I go in a store or someone's home.
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Awesome-prior to Remicade I had fistulas, abdominal abscesses, and AS. On Remicade I went into remission after 3rd dose, stayed there a year, and at that the flare I had was mild. Totally worth it. Just be sure to take probiotics because it kills off alot of good bacteria, which led to a bout with c.difficile. Regularly taking Florastor will protect against it.
I hope you have good results too!
Are you referring to remicade killing off the good bacteria? My son will be starting remicade soon and this is the first time I've heard of a connection between remicade and bacteria... just wondering if I should start him on probiotics now???
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progesteril is one of the natural hormon balancing it can cure hot flashes and night sweat easily.
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Is that for hormones? Night sweats from meds have a different cause, it is not hormonal.
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I have been taking various biolgics for about 5 years including remicade, humira, cimzia, etc. I always have hot flashes and night sweats. The only medication I am normally on is my birth control pill which I was on for 10 years before being on these medications and never had an issue. The hot flashes and night sweats actually get worse on prednisone.

I believe it is called "purging".
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I have been on Remicade for several months now. I went from getting surgery every 2 years to now having very few Crohn's issues. The draw back is my monthly cycle is non existing, sex drive gone, hot flashes that cause migraines, energy level is very low, I am sick at the beginning of each infusion. I am tired of going in public and being embarrassed because they think I am going to drop on the floor due to red appearance. Since infusion started my low blood pressure is now high, I stay dehydrated all the time and havesome of the strangest female issues now. Can anyone relate to the multitude of issues I'm dealing with!

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