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Doctors tomorrow, have a question.

I see my Doctor tomorrow and just need others opinions on something. I have been on 10mg one time per week of Methotrexate since the end of January, and I have been on the combination of Methotrexate and Humira (40mg once every two weeks) since February 9th.

I have seen some improvements but not enough. So I was wondering if I should ask my Doctor to increase the medications ? I don't know if the Methotrexate or Humira is considered a low or high dose.

Also I do not know if this matters, but I am a bigger guy, I am 325 lbs.
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Hello Shryock,
Some drug dosages are measured according to a patient's weight and this is a good question to ask your doctor tomorrow.
At the same time you could ask the duration of the therapy prescribed.
I have not any experience with either of these drugs and so my answer is limited, but there will be others no doubt who will have the experience and advice you are seeking.
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes
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I've been on 40mg of Humira weekly and 25mg Methotrexate weekly. Just not both at the same time.
Also not sure if it matters, but I was much smaller than you while on these dosages.
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Thanks for the replies. I will definitely bring it up and hope I get my meds adjusted.
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Humira from my understanding just has one dose that is either give every week or every other week. It took my 4 months with every week humira that was after having been on every other week. You might want to ask about being moved up to every week.
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