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Histopathology Report

I got this report from my surgeon at my review last Friday and thought it might be of interest. I had open surgery on 29th March which included a right hemi-colectomy and the removal of two small segments of my sigmoid colon due to fistulas penetrating from my terminal ileum.

I was not able to have a laporoscopic procedure due to the size of the fistulated mass which was removed and this is quite clearly shown in the images. I currently have a temporary ileostomy. The pictures also show severe thickening of the wall of my bowel and the paths of two of the fistulas - there is a metal instrument poking through one of them.

Shows the size of the mass taken out (about 1', 30cm long) (left picture) and a large fistula (red area on right picture)

Shows images of the thickening of my bowel wall and the path of one of the fistulas

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Fascinating, thank you so much for sharing this! I hope you're doing well after the surgery
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How cool that you have the pictures as well!! Thanks for posting!
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