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First I have heard of this...

Wikipedia said its not approved in the U.S and not even undergoing clinical trial. Where are American patients getting this?
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Read some of my posts under the LDN Helpful Links threads for some info.

Naltrexone has been approved for its on-label use for over 20 years, at over 10x the dosage for LDN. Therefore, it is legal for doctors/psychologists/osteopaths etc. to prescribe it though the AMA may not recognize it as an "approved" treatment. At the LDN dosage, most open minded doctors, realizing many current Crohn's treatments often do more harm than good or are simply expensive placebos, meet a patient's LDN request with the response, "It couldn't hurt."

Just as food/supplements aren't "approved" for Crohn's treatment, though most crohn's patients KNOW otherwise. So it is up to LDN seekers to think for themselves and weigh the risks v. the benefits. Take it for a few months and note the difference. Often it helps to act uncertain but assertive in the presence of the white-cloaked godmen when presenting this information in a manner that preens the ego.
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Crohn's Disease Forum » Treatment » Low Dose Naltrexone » First I have heard of this...
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