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Trying for a baby on HUMIRA

Hi all. I started my course of Humira a month ago (everything looking good thus far) but my wife & I were a little suprised when the visiting nurse told us that they don't advise being on Humira when trying for a baby. I've seen lots of articles/posts about being pregnant whilst on Humira but few (if none) about the fella's side of things.

Does anyone have any experience of trying whilst on Humira?
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I became pregnant and took Humira throughout my entire pregnancy. My doctor suggested that I stayed on the medication throughout because it was better to stay on it than to get off of it and then get a lot sicker.

Pregnancy was fine, and baby was perfect as can be!

I'm not sure if it matters at all if you are male and taking the drug.
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I would definitely talk to your doctor. I've had nurses tell me all sorts of things that were not true.
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My husband and I are also trying to conceive through fertility treatments and my gi has said that the possiblity of issues could occur during the third trimester because the drug can crossover into the baby's blood stream at that point. Having said that we will assess my overall health when that time rolls around. Her theory is what is good for mama is good for the other words if I'm healthy so is baby. Don't let Humira hold you back from trying!!
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Hi BC,

I was told the EXACT opposite by a nurse one hour ago. The doctor concurred.

I was told that if Humira is what stops me from flaring, then I need to stay on it to stay healthy enough to conceive or be pregnant.

I would suggest getting another opinion. Unfortunately, I bet everyone on these boards has an anecdote of some random nurse/doctor telling them something 100% inaccurate.

Good luck,

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