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Did a Colonoscopy diagnose Crohns for you?

Hey all,

I had a colonoscopy/gastroscopy and they didnt find anything apart from the usual polips.
Have many of you been diagnosed from the camera pill afetr having a colonscopy with no results?
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Yes, during my colonoscopy the doctor ran into a stricture, then some inflammation. Then came some xrays and a c scan.
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Hi Dazzafarr!
i haven't had a colonoscopy yet (thankfully! but reading on here that may be a regular procedure in future yuk).
i had ultrasound and barium swallow indicating some inflammation, but it wasn't until they did the pill cam/capsule endoscopy and it got stuck that they did a CT scan. with the results of the ct scan and the footage from the pillcam and barium swallow they could see a 30cm narrowing in terminal ileum.
they only diagnosed my crohns after going in there and taking out the scarred sections of my bowel (12 days ago!).

They suspected crohns before all these tests based on blood tests that showed high inflammation markers (i cant remember their names, is it CSR or ESR?). I also had a deficiency in B12 and folic acid, both of which are good indicators that your small intestine isnt working correctly.

i hope this helps you get some answers!!x
-april 2012-diagnosed crohns- only after surgery (resection terminal ileum,ileocecal valve,appendix & cecum)

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Mine was diagnosed from colonoscopy. My consultants words were "it's very messy in there. I could have tried to push past the mass but I'd have been looking at your liver!" Biopsy confirmed it.
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Yes, but it was a colonscopy, with a tissue sample biopsy. My GI told me the only way to determine it was Crohn's for sure was with the biopsy.
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My first colonoscopy showed nothing. A couple months later I was diagnosed on the operating table during a surprise resection.

The crohns was in the small bowel so did not show up in colonoscopy or upper endoscopy.

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Mine was on a barium follow through - it was enough of a narrowing that even I could spot it clearly on the monitor. Thus began my decades long association with the local hospital.
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My colonoscopy showed inflamation and polips only. Serology 7 blood test came back positive for Crohn's. My doctor orderd this test AFTER I had non healing wound from fustula surgery.

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I had went to my famil doctor because I was having sharp pains, so she ordered a CT scan, and it showed inflammation in my terminal ileum, so she sent the results to my GI doctor who did a colonoscopy and he confirmed it with blood tests and a colonoscopy biopsy.
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They found mine after a barrium x ray. (follow through) I had a colonoscopy first, but wasn't ''cleaned" out enough for a good read. So they sent me for the x ray, where they found a narrowing in my small intestine.
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I was diagnosed with the camera pill after colonoscopy came back normal. Also with blood testing.
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If I recall, I was diagnosed last year with Crohn's based on the sole results from a colonoscopy. Other tests that I had been given failed to show whatever diagnostic evidence the GI team had been looking for. I can tell you that when I saw the pics of my colon I was mortified. I could understand how and why the team would deduce what they had. The GI specialist explained to me that it was Colitis, but specifically Crohn's Colitis because of how it had traveled. What I found interesting is that I was told that the GI department didn't give colonoscopies to follow up and watch if there would be any improvement after the diagnosis had been given and the Rx meds prescribed. They said that as long as the Rx was taking care of the symptoms they can safely assume that I am in remission. This might be all well and good, however, someone like myself would want to track my condition and see if my colon had begun healing, so I really wasn't thrilled that they don't track as such. Ironically, free colonoscopies were offered to me by a local woman's health center, so I can track my condition on my own. My interest is in healing and restoring my colon to its original state, not just preventing flare-ups and putting the CD into remission. The only way to really tell if the colon is healing is through the pics that a colonoscopy would provide, so at least I have that option. Of course, we all know how much "fun" they are though, especially the prep,LOL.
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I had been feeling gradually unwell and had pain near my belly button and the hospital told me I was fine (my CRP was 90 and iron was low). I knew i wasn't so I went privately to a professor who diagnosed me by my symptoms he then sent me for a string of tests to confirm his diagnosis. CT and small bowel series came back conclusive of a stricture and he referred me to a GI who was more cautious and wouldn't diagnose me til he had it in black and White confirmed with biopsy this is even after I was hospitalised with and abscess and perforation!!!

I had both endoscopy and colonoscopy which showed inflammation of the duodenum and ileum but I never got my biopsy results. I ended up having surgery which confirmed it 100%. It just goes to show every consultant is different some are willing to give you a diagnosis from their experience and some are more cautious and need it backed up with actual results. I did have to go privately though to speed things up and see the top consultant which I was fortunate to be able to do.

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After reading all of these stories I should be grateful that my diagnosis was right the first time. I give all of you a lot of credit for having had hung in there long enough to find out what the problem was.
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I was diagnosed with Colitis in 2001, I don't really remember now because I was REALLY sick and only 16, but I think it was probably colonoscopy that they discovered what exactly was wrong.
In 2009 they realised it was actually Crohn's. That was definitely through colonoscopy, I was awake and watching on the screen and my Doctor walked me through the whole thing. She showed me what everything was and what it meant. Fascinating!

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I think the biopsy and the abnormalities of the blood tests is what confirms it. Mine was pretty obvious I guess soon as I had the scopes, but they only told me for certain after they got the other results back.

By the looks of the other responses, definitely get a second opinion ASAP to be safe.

Hope you get this figured out quickly and start feeling well!
- Kate

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I had normal colonoscopy, ct, SBFT and CRP/ESR .
I was diagnosed by pill cam. Since then (1 year after diagnosis) I have developed gastroduodenal crohn's and this is followed up with gastroscopy.
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After reading all of these stories I should be grateful that my diagnosis was right the first time. I give all of you a lot of credit for having had hung in there long enough to find out what the problem was.
Unfortunatly I still haven't been diagnosed through two colonoscopys. Basically I felt I didn't have a choice but to try get better which I'm finding impossible.
I really hope this camera pill shows something or osteoporosis here I come.
I'm now becoming really depressed because I'm always sick and no diagnosis.
Especially when results come back and the doctor says get some rest you're fine.
even if it means surgery or whatever as long as I know what's destroying me at the monent. My blood results suggest I have crohns because of some egg or something reading..
I'm going to one of the best GI's in Aus so hopefully he can live up to his name.
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Yes it did. Actually it was an endoscopy, which is the same procedure starting from the other end of the digestive system.

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