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Need some advice

Hi there,

I Had my first perianal abscess in 2005- during my first pregnancy. They drained it and every thing was fine for 2 years. I got pregnant again in 2007. Had the same symptoms of an abscess in the same spot. I went in the ER where they drained it again. This time around the infection was recurrent. Surgeons didn't wanna touch it because of the pregnancy. I had to stay on anti biotics throughout pregnancy to keep it under control. After delivery they diagnosed me with a fistula. I had a surgery and the surgeon put in the seton. Healed after couple of months.

Now this abscess started again in nov 2011. I went in the ER. They did an MRI. By the time doctor came to see me it was too late. The abscess had ruptured. She said there is nothing I can do because the MRI shows it is only abscess and not a fistula. I started having infection build up again and finally got my surgeons appointment in dec. I went to see him, he told me that the abscess needs to be properly drained and he gave me an appointment for surgery in jan 2012. He mentioned it will be 10 minute procedure and I will be able to return to work in 2 days.

When he looked under anaesthesia, found a big fistula which he tried to cure by putting in a fistula plug. I was ordered bed rest for 2 weeks. No medication was given. I started having a lot of pain and eventually the fifth day post op the plug fell out. I started having poop come out of the place. I developed a septic next day and went in ER. They referred me to a colorectal surgeon. He saw me in 2 weeks time. He said he needs to do another surgery. A reminder uptill now no one had asked me about crohn's symptoms. I had started reading about stuff online and figured I have a lot of symptoms of the disease. So I insisted on this visit to get a colonoscopy done. He agreed to it, which was scheduled for April (beginning). Which was postponed because some other emerg patient had to be seen by the doc. They gave me appointment for July now. I have been on antibiotics since jan. I also asked him to put in the seton to keep it open. Apparently they have put me on a wait list for surgery and they say it takes about 4-6 months to get a date.

That was the history. Now I have an infection and some drainage in the abscess site again. I called the drs office and the receptionist told me to go to ER and get it drained.

What do I do? If I go in ER can they put the seton in for me? Why do I have infection again when on antibiotics? I dont know what to do.
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Sorry I forgot to mention that I am in a lot of pain and there is some swollen area beneath the drainage as well.
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Yes, go get it drained. Oh I bet you are mad it's back! And get some antibiotics. Sorry its back again.
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