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I wan't to scream!

I thought I was in remission. I have not had any pain for months. My test numbers where way down, and heading towards "healthy chrons patient" and this afternoon a familiar throbbing started to make itself felt in my right side abdomen...quickly turning into such pain it sent me looking for my Tramadol...I was rather blocked up. But the old fart escaped, and my stumach area was rather noisy, so something was going on....

And then it got so bad that I puked up everything I have eaten today...opted to crawl under a blanket on the sofa, and after an hour or so I was just about made it to the porcelain and plunked my behind down before I errupted...and that was just liquid coming out.

After I puked the pain has subsided, and even more so after I managed that liquid stool. Now it's back the the tollerable steady throb I was in before I started Humira around x-mas time...

And I was doing so fine. Only 3 days ago I was taking my 18 month old for a spring walk in the local woods, and I was not exhaustyed when I we came home. I had the energy to actually rebuild the gearhouse on my boat motor FFS!

I am contacting my GP tomorrow...anyway, I take my Humira doze every 2 weeks. But he did say it may not be enough, and that I may have to up the frequency to every week...meanwhile....AAAAARGH!!

And this is really a bad time. Jsut been trough a first job interview today, and was told they wan't me in for a second interview in a few days as I did well today. And I really wan't that job!

Godbye to that one if this really blows and I end up in the emergency room one of the next days....okay, going to try to get some liquids into me and see how my tubing will react to that....
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Hello Norseman,
Sorry to hear you are having a bad time and really hope it can soon be resolved in time for the job you are after.
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes

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