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What exercise won't hurt?

HELP! I am going away in just over 3 weeks on holiday to Alton Towers with my boyfriend. There is a water park which we are going but the only problem is... I want to tone up my belly and feel a little better about myself, after being in a chair for 2 months not really moving, I got a jelly belly!

I have tried jogging, push ups etc but all they seem to do is cause really bad abdominal pain! Considering I only got out of my wheelchair 1 month again, I am still unsteady on my feet so needs to be something easy (as easy as "exercise" can be!)

Any advice on pain free exercise?
Thanks guys!
Elle x
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I love to do pilates! Have you tried it?
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I really like yoga and can do it even when I'm not feeling very well. If you googled I'm guessing you could probably find some yoga stretches that focus on the abdominal area without causing too much pain, or if you go to a class you could explain things to the instructor and they might tailor things to your needs and help with your balance.

Good luck, have fun on your trip!
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Alton Towers - Fantastic! Although I prefer the scenic railway. I guess there is only so much you can do in three weeks, but swimming will certain make a difference and a great exercise until you get fighting fit again.

All the best
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I love to do Pilates! Have you tried it?
No I have not, Just googled it and it looks quite good! I think I'll give Pilates and Yoga a try

Thank you all for your help!!
Elle x
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I really like Core Rhythms dance DVD's-there a little corny but all the ab work is done dancing so no pain for me, plus tightens me up fast.


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Mmmm vacation...sounds wonderful. Its great to get an exercise program going, but as Robert747 said, three weeks isnt a whole lotta time to see big results. Dont beat yourself up for this time away..JUST ENJOY IT..you deserve it. Having said that ,if you find a workout you like, stick with it, and think how great you'll look for your next vacation. cheers
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i liked 'convict conditioning'.
no equipment (just body weight) and it starts at 'invalid' level exercises,
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Using the elliptical is a good way to get low-impact cardio!

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I ride mtn bikes here in Michigan around 3,000 tp 5,000 miles a year, even when my fistula was leaking out my lower right! not sure what it would do for your tummy, swimming by fas is the best low impact cardio IMO, after about 10 laps in the poo at lifetime gym I can barley breath and I am in pretty good shape. I have a six pack (40 years old) and dont do anything to isolate my abs. Billy.
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I would say try yoga and swimming. Both can be curtailed to each individual as well as fitness level. I would suggest swimming at first. Low impact since the water compensates for your weight on the average of 30-75% depending on exercise and bosy palcement in water. Look at local pools for classes and suggestions. Best of luck and good for you
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A morning walk is an exercise which can help in reducing fat from your body in a really fast and effective manner. I reduced 5 kg from my body with the help of this exercise. It really works.


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