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Cimzia and weight gain?

I have been on numerous crohns medications, pentasa, prednisone, entocort, humira, remicade and now i'm finally on cimzia, as all the other meds havent worked for me.

What i'm wondering is if anyone has experienced weight gain from the cimzia? i notice after the injection my face and neck get puffy and I weight 5-7 lbs more after my injections. I have never experienced weight gain from other crohns meds.
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Dear Crohnie2

I've been on Cimzia for the second time now, injecting every other week. I've been using it for the last four months and I've not experienced any weight gain whatsoever. I wished 😉

What you describe sounds like some kind of water retention or even allergic reaction. Does the swelling of the face go away after a certain period of time or are you building up weight after every injection?
Have you spoken to your doctor about it? You definitely should in case you haven't done that already.

I wish you the best of luck. Stay strong!
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My husband has been on Cimzia for a few months now and has not had that issue. I'd check with your doctor
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I started cimzia 3 months ago, put on 2,5 kilos, I am always starving...
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I have not gained weight from Cimzia. That's a lot of weight to get per injection. I'd definitely address this with your doctor it sounds like swelling and may be an allergic reaction.

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