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Sad :(

I'm feeling really sad. Someone that I really care about thinks I have done something that I haven't and now they aren't speaking to me. I feel like crying and I don't know what to do. Wire have been crossed and I really love this person as a very good friend who has helped me out lots and we've shared lots too. I hope she will realise how much I care, but I wanted to post here because I dont know what else to do
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Thats too bad, but in the short term there is nothing you can do. Just try not to think about it too much as it will only make you feel worse. Just give it some time and try and explain yourself again. This is likely just a short-term thing and will be resolved, so you should not be over worrying about this. Best of luck though!
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Yeah that sounds like a tough one. I hope you manage to get it sorted and realise that you weren't responsible for it. Time is a great healer.

All the best
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Hugs Hope you manage to sort it out in the end. Try not to worry to much.
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Big big hugs to you... I hope this person comes to her senses and realises that she has made a mistake...good friends are precious and should be treasured... keep your chin up, I'm sure all will come right in the end..
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and remember, she has to step up and be mature enough to speak to you about the situation, and there isn't much you can do about it until then.

Try writing her a letter. Not an e-mail, but a real letter just stating the facts. That has definitely helped me in the past.

Hope everything works out for you.
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Spongie Sonya

I hope everything is sorted now and that the wires are uncrossed.
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((((( Hugs ))))))

I really hope that wires have been uncrossed and that things have been sorted for you.

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i hope things are sorted now

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