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pregnancy question

Has anyone had spotting with light cramping while pregnant? I had to stop my remicade because i started getting an ugly rash on my legs and an abcess under my eye a week after my last infusion, im just not sure if the cramping is from the baby or the crohns, i see my high risk pregnancy doc on the 26th and my gi doc isn't till may 30th, not sure if i can get an earlier appointment with my gi doc or if they have anyone on call, if the cramping persists i might go to the er, any help or advice would be appreciated. This is my miracle baby, for years i thought i was baren, so i don't want to do anything wrong. Thanks.
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Hi Carey!

I did have some cramping and some spotting. It wasn't bad though. I would call my doc Monday if it keeps up and you are worried about it. how far along are you?
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I too would get it checked - your GYN should get you in asap.

I had spotting/cramping during mine too - but at the time didn't know I was pregnant!

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Im only about 2 month's, i go see an ultrasound tech to find out exactly how far along i am, i think i will call my doc on monday, may 30th just seems to long to wait, either that or im going to er, i just want to make sure im ok. It's not horrible pain, nothing like my crohns flare ups, just a dull cramp that comes and goes, thanks guys, appreciate the input!
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I am 3 months, and every weekend that my period was due I got period type pains low down in front. I didn't have any spotting with it, but I have heard of women getting a little around the time of their period. I have had Crohn's pains during pregnancy too- they were higher (about level with my belly button) and to one side, that's how I knew it was Crohn's.
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I had some very mild cramping and spotting with my first two babies. I was treated for it the ER. I also never had a positive preg. test until they could hear a heartbeat. i never have done much the easy way!!


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