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Mixing with anti deps


Had depression for years now but building up to an intelerable level the last 6 months and need to finally go to GP about it (hate the idea of being mistaken for one of the 'little sad so need some pills' brigade)!

My question ... Is there any point going to my GP as I am just starting an increased dosage of Methotrexate and heard one cannot mix it with anything? Is this true?

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There are some drugs that you cant take with methotrexatw but I am on an antidepressant and it is fine the doctor will let you know what you can't take with it. The only drug I can think of at the moment that you can't mix is aspirin I know there are more but can't think of them, the list should come with your medication.
I was like you as well I hated the thought of going onto an antidepressant I thought I was failing by doing it, now I realise it's the best thing I have done and I can now be me again.
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I was on antidepressents all the time while on methotrexate I didn't have any problems
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I haven't found any antidepressants that react with methotrexate. I'm on citalopram and don't have a problem. Always best to speak to your pharmacist, they tend to know more about drugs and their interractions.
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I just started metho and I've been on zoloft for years. The doc didn't say anything about them being bad together.
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