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Workout Plan Needed

Hi people

Does anyone have a workout plan or routine they have used that works to bulk up?

I've got 18 weeks to get a better body, and have only just started back at the gym after a bowel resection. I have looked at plans on bodybuilding website, however im a bit worried that i will pull my scar. its been 8-9 weeks since my op, but i get the odd burn feeling when im on treadmill. ( ive only done a week of light cardio since i have been to the gym!)

If any one has got advice about meal plans aswell, or how to log workouts itd be much appreciated.


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You're not far under myself. I'm around 5'11-6 ft and go anywhere from 154-160lbs. What are you trying to gain weight for and how much do you want to gain? I did a "bulking up" a little while ago but had to stop because of my abscess. I was eating about 3500-4000 calories a day with LOTS of protein. Protein is your friend. I'm not too sure about ripping the scar but learning from experience don't waste your time on the treadmill. Doing that you're just burning calories and sweating off all that weight you want to gain.

From what I understand you want to keep your heart rate low. Heavy weights and low reps. Of course you can jog here and there, but you don't want to go to the gym or wherever and get on a treadmill. Those are for people who truly don't want to work out.

Good luck and eat, eat, eat! Don't waste your money on powdered supplements either. Spend that money on food.
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I've have better luck than expected in gaining muscle weight from working out after following a paleo diet, plus taking a few supplements - kelp for iodine, vitamin D3, vitamin K2, fish oil, tumeric, etc. The plan originally was to put on around 10lbs from lifting at the gym. I figured that would be a struggle. Now 30lbs two years later I'm thinking another 10lbs of gain this summer would be nice.

One weight lifting and diet advice web sight I visit is Fred Hahn's.

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It really depends on what you want. If you want to be big without the fitness go for body building, fighting needs a totally different workout, or just being healthy is again way different

I use www.bodybuilding.com as it help with loads of different scenarios, but it would be best if you say what u want to achieve
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my goal is mainly just to gain some weight. i have always been skinny, so nows my chance to change it.

ive got 18 weeks till im go on holiday, so thats my time limit (although when i return i will be going to the gym regular, as i know 18 weeks wont get me to the shape i want but it will be a start)

i would like an athletic build, with a bit of fitness aswel. the hardest thing i think for me is eating so many calories.
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I use a website/phone app called fitocracy - I think it has a bit of a learning curve, the app itself has features that aren't entirely intuitive, but it's really good for logging workouts and keeping yourself inspired. You can join groups and see what other people are doing.
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Has anyone with a mild version of the disease besides noticed if you work out the pain disapears ?

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